Forever Michael Jackson Live Performance Music Videos

Michael Jackson was one of the most beloved and successful entertainers and artists of the time. He is also known as The King of Pop. People miss his music and performances very much after he past away on June 25, 2009. His albums were sold more than millions in three weeks after his death.

The following Michael Jackson's popular live performance music videos from different countries. Billie Jean was the most entertaining performance in Michael Jackson career. He had so many iconic images and signature moves for people to remember. The hat, the jacket, the glove, the socks, the shoes, the uniform, the moonwalk, the robot move, the break dancing, anti-gravity lean, choreography and etc. were electrified many people in many stages around the world.

We can tell how much people like his performance on the stages from the following video.



  Billie Jean


Billie Jean, Munich


  MTV Awards


Billie Jean


  Break Dance


Beat It, Korea


  Billie Jean, Korea


Billie Jean, NY   Smooth Criminal

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