Compatible Chinese Horoscope Signs and Birth Years

You are female and born in , which is Male MetalWhite MonkeyMale MetalWhite Monkey White Metal Monkey Year.
All males who were born in one of following years have good compatibility with you.

  Birth Year         Animal Name        Zodiac Sign  
-8Black Water RatMale WaterBlack RatMale WaterBlack Rat
5Green Wood CowFemale WoodGreen CowFemale WoodGreen Cow
9Brown Earth SnakeFemale EarthBrown SnakeFemale EarthBrown Snake

This Birth Year Compatibility Match combines Chinese Zodiac Sign Match and Feng Shui Type Match to minimize unhappy ending happen. But the best match doesn't determine only from the birth year. Birth Year's Chinese Zodiac Sign is to check the people's public relationships. Birth Month Zodiac Sign Match is to check the family relationships. Birthday Match is to check the compatibility of personality and marriage. That means Birth Year Match compares people's outside. Birth Month and Birthday Matches compare people's inside. Therefore, for a good marriage, Birthday and Birth Month Matches are far more important than the Birth Year Match.

If you don't see too many compatible years here, you still have many good matches from birth months and birthdays.

If you know people's birthday, then you can check your compatibility from Fast Love Match. If you want to know which birthdays are compatible to you, then you can ask for the Most Compatible Birthdays.

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