2004 Chinese Horoscope Green Wooden Monkey Year for Earth Day Master

Year 2004 is a Green Wooden Monkey Wooden Year in Chinese Astrology. The following forecast of year 2004 is for Male Earth or Female Earth people using their lucky and unlucky elements. That means this prediction is only for people whose Day Stem in your birth chart is the Male Earth or Female Earth.

Wooden Male Wood of 2004 Monkey of 2004
This is the cycle of position, career, pressure, fame, development, credit, law, competition, power, challenge, accident, adventure, reform, and etc.

If Wood is your lucky element, then your job responsibility will increase, and will become a good career opportunity for a promotion. You will do well for the examination in school or pass a tough test. You will gain your reputation from your performance and will have a good ending if in any lawsuit. If you are a female, then you have good romance luck. 

If Wood is your unlucky element, then too much pressure will come to you. You might have a promotion, but you cannot get rest because of the job responsibility. Afterwards, any argument, complaint, worries, frustrations or accidents may come to you. Friends, relatives, coworkers or partners might bring trouble to you. You might lose the case for a lawsuit. Money and fame become the issue.

If you are a female, your marriage luck is poor in this cycle. However, if your Day Stem is Female Earth, then the result will be opposite. If you are a girl, you will have good relationship with boys and have a chance for marriage.

Monkey is in the Metal group. Metal to Earth (you) are the expressions, outlooks, talking, children, creativity, or fame because Metal is something out of Earth.

If Metal is your lucky element, then you will become smarter, express your self better, perform a job well done in your school or company and will have more social life. Your creativity and opinions bring interest to people and get the good reputation from people.

If Metal is your unlucky element, then you will be busy in work, won't pay attention in your actions and words, and may even become easy to lose your temper. The poor people relationship might cause you to leave the group. That means you might lose your reputation. Also, you have to watch for your responsibility to avoid any lawsuit and watch for your spirit and health to prevent from sickness and disease.

This sign become significant, if or is in your birth chart.

Year 2004 Chinese Green Monkey Year

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