2004 Chinese Horoscope Green Wooden Monkey Year - Fire Day Master

Year 2004 is a Green Wooden Monkey Wooden Year in Chinese Astrology. The following forecast of year 2004 is for Male Fire or Female Fire people using their lucky and unlucky elements. That means this prediction is only for people whose Day Stem in your birth chart is the Male Fire or Female Fire.

Wooden Male Wood of 2004 Monkey of 2004
This is the cycle of knowledge, study, research, preparation, education, wisdom, religion, support, review, loneliness, hardship, fame, and  etc.

If Wood is your lucky element, this is a good time to take advice and to learn knowledge from people whom are concerned about you. You will build up your confidence and gain fame. If you have any trouble, people will help you. Your money luck or romance luck is fair.

If Wood is your unlucky element, then you won't get recognition after hard working. Your cannot expect the result you want in learning, training, working or planning. You might become dependable or  lazy since too much helps from parents, boss, or mentors. Then you have too less social life and feel lonely. Also, you might lose your fame, determination, money and health.

Monkey is in the Metal group. Metal to Fire (you) is the money, property, investment or jewelry.

If Metal is your lucky element, you will be busy in earning money. You will have good luck doing the investment. Since your income increases, you will enjoy a more material life. If you are a male, then you will have good relationship with your girl.

If Wood is your unlucky element, money will trouble you all the time. You will spend more than you save. You might lose confidence in managing money and need a loan for your expense. Money pressure might be from friends, relatives or partners. If you are in school, you cannot concentrate on your studies.

This sign become significant, if or is in your birth chart.

Year 2004 Chinese Green Monkey Year

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