2004 Chinese Horoscope Green Wooden Monkey Year for Metal Day Master

Year 2004 is a Green Wooden Monkey Wooden Year in Chinese Astrology. The following forecast of year 2004 is for Male Metal or Female Metal people using their lucky and unlucky elements. That means this prediction is only for people whose Day Stem in your birth chart is the Male Metal or  Female Metal.

Wooden Male Wood of 2004 Monkey of 2004
This is a cycle of money, trade, business, property, investment, furniture, jewelry, house, social life, risk, material life, hard work, and etc.

If Wood is your lucky element, it's time for you to work hard to increase your fortune. Your investment in business, property will have good returns. You will have more social hours and earn more money than before. If you are a female, you will have a chance to meet a rich guy. If you are a male, then you have good woman luck.

 If Wood is your unlucky element, you might lose confidence in managing money. You will spend money on business, investment and people in your social life without anything in return. You might have money dispute with friends, relatives or partners. You might have to find a loan for your debt.

If you are a male, you need to pay attention on woman relationship to avoid money trouble. If you are a student, you cannot concentrate on your study, since you focus on friends and material life.

The money activity will become significant if your birth chart contains a Rabbit or Tiger.

Monkey is in the Metal group. Metal to Metal (you) is the competition, friendship, independence, determination, separation, or simplicity, because Metal and Metal are same kind of elements.

If Metal is your lucky element, you will be busy on your social life to establish relationships. You will be interested in money and career with your friends, relatives or partners. You will get the returns from investments. This is a good cycle for your money luck. 

If Metal is your unlucky element, then you might have too many arguments with people, and you have hard time working with others because of your bad temper. Money is the key issue in this cycle; you don't have good money luck. So you have to watch your money carefully. If you loan friends or relatives money, it may not return. Any investment you plan needs to be reconsidered again and again before taking action.

This sign become significant, if or is in your birth chart.

Year 2004 Chinese Green Monkey Year

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