2004 Chinese Horoscope Green Wooden Monkey Year for Water Day Master

Year 2004 is a Green Wooden Monkey Wooden Year in Chinese Astrology. The following forecast of year 2004 is for Male Water or Female Water people using their lucky and unlucky elements. That means this prediction is only for people whose Day Stem in your birth chart is the Male Water or Female Water.

Wooden Male Wood of 2004 Monkey of 2004
This is a cycle of developing, art, skill, plan, creativity, misunderstanding, ideal, worry, expression, interest, food, entertainment, outlook, fame, and  etc.

If Wood is your lucky element, then your life become easy without pressure. Social activities  increase. Your creativity and comprehensive sense improve. You will express your idea, plan, or project to people better and gain your reputation. You will be busy in working for money. Your research, skill or discovery will be recognized. You might find a better and easy way for you to make income. Your love relationship to good too.

If Wood is your unlucky element, you might have a bad temper, since people might treat you improperly. Your worries and complaints might cause the bad relationship at home or in your job. Many arguments could lead you into thinking about leaving the group or breaking relationships with people since you are losing your fame. Watch for your responsibility to avoid any possible lawsuit. You might lose your concentration and spirit. So pay attention on your health, don't let disease go into your body slowly.

Monkey is in the Metal group. Metal to Water (you) is the knowledge, nourishing, research, religious, support, medicine, mentors, parents, or fame, because Metal is the supporting element to Water.

If Monkey is your lucky element, you will be close to your supporters, elders or mentors to take advice and to learn knowledge from them. Your boss, teachers and/or parents will trust you because of your reputation and confidence in performance. If you need help in this period, your helpers are always there. In general, this is your learning cycle. You earn from your fame, not money. When you are not in money luck, then your romance luck is limited.

If Monkey is your unlucky element, then you won't learn anything during the period with your bad temper. You won't get any respect from your hard work. You might become dependable or lazy because of too much help from others, and you won't have good fame around people. Also, when you are too lazy to take care your health, then the disease will visit you.

This sign become significant, if or is in your birth cha rt.

Year 2004 Chinese Green Monkey Year

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