2004 Chinese Horoscope Green Wooden Monkey Year for Wood Day Master

Year 2004 is a Green Wooden Monkey Wooden Year in Chinese Astrology. The following forecast of year 2004 is for Wooden Male Wood or Female Wood people using their lucky and unlucky elements. That means this prediction is only for people whose Day Stem in your birth chart is the Wooden Male Wood or Female Wood.

Wooden Male Wood of 2004 Monkey of 2004
This is the cycle of competition, separation, challenge, independence, expansion, friendship, selfish, determination, courage, and etc.

If Wood is your lucky element, you will be interested in finding a new job, plan or business and can be ambitious in money and career. Also you will be busy in social life and discussing investment. It's easy to get help from friends or relatives. You will have good money luck this cycle.

If Wood is your unlucky element, then you might have too many arguments with people, then have trouble in business expansion and cooperation, and may even have bad money luck from business, investment, friends or relatives. So watch your money very carefully.

Monkey is in the Metal group. Metal to Wood (you) is the job, career, pressure, accident, power, lawsuit or competition.

If Metal is your lucky element, then you might have a job promotion or new job. Your workload will increase. You will be in charge of some activities in your group. You will have good education luck. Any pressure to you will turn out fine.

If Metal is your unlucky element, then you will have frustration, complaint and argument all the time. Then you might lose friendship, money and health. The worst case is to have the accident or lawsuit.

This sign become significant, if or is in your birth chart.

Year 2004 Chinese Green Monkey Year

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