Chinese Horoscope 2009 for Ox in Chinese Zodiac Year of The Ox (Cow)

2009 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Cow years: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Rat, not Cow. (Verify Your Sign)

Cow people should have a nice Rat year in 2008. Many things end up with their expectation. However, it won't be the same in the year of Cow. Many Unlucky Stars are coming to Cow people and there is no strong Lucky Stars coming to help them. Therefore, the fortune of 2009 is unstable and unpredictable. Troubles and obstacles will appear soon or later and wait for the challenge. Cow people need to pay attention on everything during the entire year of the Cow.

According to Chinese Zodiac, if the zodiac sign of birth year is same to the zodiac sign of yearly cycle, then that's an unlucky year to the person. Many troubles will come to bother the person. The person needs to manage events with caution at work, at home or traveling to avoid argument, lawsuit, accident, libel, blooding and money loss.

Career: The Unlucky Year Star and Fighting Stars move to your career area in year 2009. People relationship in your business or job circle will be poor. Business development has the difficulty to expand. You will face strong competition with coworkers in the company. Unfortunately, you are the underdog in the competition. You might keep losing your spirit, cannot focus on your task and then impact your job performance. The good news is that a Knowledge Star appears this year. If your job is related to art, writing, publishing, entertainment, creativity, acting or speech, then you have the chance to show your talent to people and open the door for your better job opportunity.

Money: Cow people's money luck is connected with the career luck in 2009. Since your career performance won't get any good anticipation, therefore to increase a good income becomes remote possible. Plus, an Unlucky Broken Star shows in the money area. That means it's hard for you to pile up wealth into your savings. In short, money comes, then money goes this year. Therefore, you shouldn't do any short term risky investment. Anything related to money, you need to think twice before you leap. If you don't have any financial plan, then it's hard for you to balance your expense and income.

Love: Because the Knowledge Star comes into your life, it implies the wisdom, talent and loneliness. If you are married, then you might have more argument with your spouse or children. If you are in love, then you will have less times to meet your lover and the love relationship becomes distant. If you are a senior, then you have to pay attention on the health of your spouse to avoid visiting hospital. If you are single, it's not a good time to pursuit the impossible dream.

Health: The Unlucky Year Star comes strongly to you in 2009. Many things will disturb Cow people. Worry and anxiety will bring you lots of mental and physical pressure. Therefore, you need fully pay attention on your health. You have to stay alert for any changes of your body. Because you might lose your focus, you need to pay attention on the safety while your are walking and driving on the street to avoid the traffic accident.

Fortune: Cow people always have unsatisfied events in every Cow year. The fortune in career, wealth. health, love and family will below expectation in 2009. But you don't have to despair or give up. In your career, you just have to hold on your job position, keep your profile low, work harder for your daily job. You need to follow your financial plan and do not waste unnecessary expense. You need to remember to show the care and love to your family members, spouse or lover. You also have to watch your own health. In this case, you will have a peaceful the year of the Cow.

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The above prediction of 2009 Chinese Horoscope for Cow people is based on people's birthday. Using the birth year to tell people's fortune was far away before Chin Dynasty (221 B.C.), which is the first Dynasty in China. During the Tang Dynasty (618 A.D.), Chinese began to use birth year, month and day to predict the fortune. To add birth hour to study the fortune like today started in Sung Dynasty (960 A.D.). The reason to make these changes is simple. It's more accurate. Therefore, for more accurate 2009 prediction, please go to 2009 Chinese Five Element Astrology.

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