Chinese Horoscope 2009 for Snake in Chinese Zodiac Year of The Ox

2009 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Snake years: 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Dragon, not Snake. (Verify Your Sign)

Snake people had a fair luck in 2008, year of Rat. In the year of Cow 2009, they will have a better luck than 2008, this is because the Cow and Snake have attraction relationship. There are Lucky Stars coming to Snake people, their career performance will have significant progress. Also Snake people's money luck is much better than most of people. However, some Unlucky Stars gathers in Love and Health area. Love relationship won't have a good development. Snake people need to watch for their health in 2009. Although Snake people have many opportunities, but they have to understand their limit to determine when making a aggressive move to increase the chance of success.

Career: There are two strong Lucky Stars showing in career area in 2009. You will win the good reputation from the job position. You job performance can bring in more income. In 2009, you can successfully reach the goal of your proposal or company development plan. You will earn the recognition from the company, since your excellent achievement at your working projects. A job promotion or salary raise is possible. However, you still have two Unlucky Stars appearing in this year. Someone might try to block your career opportunity, which could extract your concentration and then impact your judgment. Therefore, you need to work on projects with caution to avoid any mistake and stay away the argument with others.

Money: You have two Lucky Stars coming money area this year. One of them is the Money Star. Certainly that's is a good sign to increase the wealth. Since you have good luck in the career area. Either you work for someone or you own the business, the career opportunity should bring you more income than in 2008. However, this Money Star is not a Windfall Star. The money won't automatically come into your door. You still need to find it, plan it, work on it, then bring it into your pocket. Therefore, if you are lazy and wait for it, then you will lose the money opportunity in the year of the Cow.

Love: Many Unlucky Stars gather in emotion area. You are used to protect your ego. You are afraid of hurting your feelings in love. Your passion for love will cool down. There will be no progress in love relationship. If you are still single, it will be difficult to find someone you like to talk with you this year. If you are married and in love, then your love relationship won't show any closer sign. Instead, you will have some minor disagreements with your lover often, which might impact on each other's daily mood and work. The married people also have to pay attention on their spouse's health in 2009.

Health: An Unlucky Star shows the sign of loneliness and isolation to you in 2009. The lonely emotion could affect people's health. If you encounter difficulty at work and feel frustration in love, then your health will be impacted right away. The most common symptom is insomnia. This Unlucky Star also indicates a hint of sadness and tear. If you are a senior Snake people, then you need to pay more attention on your health. If you often feel uncomfortable, then you must visit doctors to take care the pain at once. Otherwise, a small illness might become a serious disease.

Fortune: Snake people have good and bad news in last year, 2008. In general, Snake People have significant improvement in career and financial performance this year. You should use this opportunity to save more money for the need in the future. As fro love, you need be more initiative and proactive to communicate with your partner to improve the understanding between you two. For the single Snake people need to watch for your manner, outlook and temperament to improve your attractiveness. Then you might have chance to meet the person likes you in the year of the Cow.

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The above prediction of 2009 Chinese Horoscope for Snake people is based on people's birthday. Using the birth year to tell people's fortune was far away before Chin Dynasty (221 B.C.), which is the first Dynasty in China. During the Tang Dynasty (618 A.D.), Chinese began to use birth year, month and day to predict the fortune. To add birth hour to study the fortune like today started in Sung Dynasty (960 A.D.). The reason to make these changes is simple. It's more accurate. Therefore, for more accurate 2009 prediction, please go to 2009 Chinese Five Element Astrology.

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