2015 Chinese Astrology - Year of the Green Wooden Sheep - Predictions

2015 Chinese Astrology Year of Sheep 2015 Chinese New Year Day is on February 19, 2015 in China Standard Time. Chinese New Year Day is the new moon day of the first lunar month. The new moon time of the first lunar month is at 7:48 A.M. of February 19, 2015 in China Standard Time. Obviously, Chinese New Year Day is from Chinese Lunar Calendar.

2015 is Year of the Sheep. The first day of Sheep Year arrive on February 4, 2015 in China Standard Time. This day is not the Chinese New Year Day. Chinese Horoscope signs are determined by the Chinese Astrology Stem-Branch Calendar. The first day of Chinese astrology year is the first day of the Tiger month. That is the day of Start Spring Start of Spring in the Chinese Astrology Calendar. The Start of Spring is the time when the sun enters the 315th degree on the tropical zodiac. The Start of Spring in China Standard Time is at 12:00 at noon on February 4, 2015. If a baby were born on February 5, 2015, then it is a Sheep baby. More information at your horoscope sign.

The Start of Spring in US Eastern Standard Time is at 23:00 P.M. on February 3, 2015, and in the US Pacific Standard Time is at 20:00 P.M. on February 3, 2015. Therefore, the 2015 Sheep year starts on February 3, 2015 in US time zones.

Chinese Astrology uses one's birthday and birth time to predict their fortune. The astrological birth chart is built by the Chinese Astrology Calendar, which is a combination counting system of Yin-Yang Five Elements and 12 animals. The Five Elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The twelve animal are Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig. Year of 2015 is Wooden Sheep. Because Wood (tree) is connected to the color of Green. Therefore, 2015 is the Year of Green Wooden Sheep WoodSheepFemale woodSheep.

We don't want to use Chinese animal sign from the birth year to predict people's fortune here. We are going to use a much more accurate method by using techniques from Chinese Professional fortune tellers to do a 2015 prediction. The method is from the theory of Yin-Yang Five Elements to predict people's fortune. The philosophy of Yin-Yang is the Balance. Traditional Chinese Astrology is a discussion about the balance of Five Elements. Each animal sign contains different Five Elements inside. So every animal sign can be converted into Five Elements. You can find your animal signs, Five Element weights and the astrological birth chart from our Chinese Astrology page.

Before predicting your fortune regarding to your money, career, marriage or health in 2015, you have to know what Type of Element you are and what your Lucky Element is from your Astrology Birth Chart. The Lucky Element is the major factor to determine people's fortune. 2015 is the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep, which contains Earth, Fire and Wood. If your Lucky Element is Wood, Fire or Earth, then 2015 will bring you some degree of fortune. The strongest element of 2015 is Earth. Therefore, people whose lucky element is Earth will get most benefits in 2015. The element of Wood is also shown strong in 2015. People whose lucky element is Wood will have a nice Green Wooden Sheep year, too.

For details and an accurate predictions, the first step to know your fortune is to know which elements and animals are in your birth chart. You can find that information from the Chinese Astrology Lucky Element page using your birthday and birth time.

    Your Lucky Element     

The following is the example of the Chinese Astrology Birth Chart.

Chinese Horosocpe Birth Chart

The Birth Chart of June 15, 2008
Upper Row of Day Column (Day Master) represents the Person

Chinese Astrology Five Elements

Fire represents the person. This Birth Chart shows Fire-Type Person

This person was born on June 15, 2008 or June 30, 1948. The symbol of the upper row of the Day Column (a.k.a. Day Master) represents the person. So we can say Day Master is Male Fire, which represents this person. The birth chart has too little Metal and needs more Metal to balance the Five Elements. Therefore, the Lucky Element is Metal.

2015 is Female Wooden Sheep year. Sheep contains Earth, Fire and Wood. Wood helps Fire to burn into Earth (dust). This is a year of strong Earth and Fire. This birth chart already has too much Fire and Earth, which make the birth chart even more imbalanced. It's is pretty bad sign. The extremely stronger Fire lets this short-tempered person become even more hot-tempered. The irritating personality will likely bring very poor and hostile feelings in relationships with friends and siblings. Furthermore, possible bad investment, money loss and financial problems may come after.

Water is weak in the birth chart. Water becomes very unfavorable when strong Earth and Fire are around. Water is related to career. The strong Earth helps this person to explode bad temper quickly without fear. This will create enemy at work. This is bad sign for the career luck.

Wood also comes in 2015. Wood doesn't help this person at all. The is because Wood is the mother element of Fire. Wood will make Fire stronger. Fire is the unlucky element. That implies parents or supporters lead this person to a wrong direction.

    Fortunes by Lucky Element and Day Master Type     

2013 was the Year of Snake. Snake is the first year of the Fire cycle before Horse. The Fire of Snake is heat from the rising sun reaching to the top of sky. 2014 is the Year of Horse. The Fire of Horse is the heat from ground which absorbs heat from the sun on the top of the sky. 2015 is the Year of Sheep. Sheep is the last year of the Fire cycle after Horse. The Fire of Sheep is the heat maintaining in the ground. This heat can help fruit of tree becoming ripe. If you are working hard over the past two years, then 2015 is the year to see the result. Basically, if you do great in 2014 because of Fire, then your fortune will continue and 2015 is the year to review your achievement. If you had trouble for past years, 2015 is the turning point year for you. Sheep contains Female Earth, which can help people to create something from nothing, Therefore, anyone wants an outstanding performance in 2015, then he needs to find a new approach to reach the goal.

2015 is Female Wood Sheep Year. The Female Wood is connected to grass, leaves of vegetables, vine, sprout, low bushes and scrub, which need sunshine, earth and water to grow their leaves or branches. Sheep contains fire, earth and wood. So Sheep can help Female Wood becoming stronger. That implies you will do well in 2015, if your Lucky Element is Wood.

The following table shows people's luck in 2015 based on their Luck Element.

How good is my luck in 2015?
It's fair. Sheep of 2015 contains mainly Earth. Earth is the mother element of Metal. Earth can protect Metal and provide advice for  Metal, which is a good news. Metal and Wood of 2015 are opposite elements; they have fighting relationship. That means 2015 is mixing good and bad year.

However, if there is a Male Metal in the Birth Chart or 10-year Major Cycle, then Male Metal and Female Wood of 2015 have attraction relationship into Metal. In this case, 2015 becomes a pretty good year. Conversely, If there is no Male Metal in the birth chart, then Metal becomes weak. Metal cannot provide too much help for you in 2015. Also, in this case, you need to pay attention on your respiratory system, because Metal is connected to lungs.

It is no good. Wooden Sheep of 2015 contains Earth, Fire and Wood. There is no Water in the 2015 cycle. That means there is no support to your Lucky Element Water. Without stronger Lucky Element, your fortune in 2015 will be just fair.

Water is afraid of Earth in 2015. Wood of 2015 is a child element of Water. Water will consume its energy for Wood. When Lucky Element becomes weak, Water can provide only little help to the person. Now, Water is attacked or leaked from both sides - Earth and Wood. Water is related to urinary system. We might have to pay attention to your kidneys and bladder area.

It is very good. 2015 is a Wooden Sheep year. Sheep contains Earth, Fire and Wood. In Chinese astrology, Sheep is a storage room of Wood. That means Wood of 2015 has its root inside the Sheep. Wood becomes strong in 2015 and can bring a big support to Lucky Element Wood. Stronger Wood appears in 2015 and it will bring you good fortune more than you expected. If you encounter a trouble, then you will immediately find a helper around. Therefore, you will do well in 2015.
It is excellent. Sheep of 2015 mainly contains Earth. But Sheep also contains Fire. Fire hides inside the Earth of Sheep. So Fire can keep its heat or energy longer. Wood of 2015 is the mother element of Fire. Wood can help Fire to burn longer. Therefore, Fire becomes a strong Fire with the help of Wood. If Lucky Element Fire becomes stronger, then good fortune will come to you in the year of Wooden Sheep.
It is fine. 2015 is Female Wood Sheep year. Sheep contains Female Earth, Female Fire and Female Wood. Wood of 2015 is the Career element of Earth. Earth is afraid of Wood. So Earth of Sheep will bring you help and luck, but a hidden pressure will come and mix with the help. The first half of 2015 might bring you little job pressure or spiritual displeasure. In the end of summer, you fortune will turn back. The second half of 2015, everything will go your way. It shows bitter in the beginning, but sweet will come after.

The following table informs people's what event may occur in 2015 based on their Day Master Element Type. Day Master is the upper row symbol in the Day Column of the Birth Chart.

    The Day Master Element represents YOU.     

Metal When You (Day Master) are Metal

2015 is Female Wood Sheep year. Wood of 2015 represents money or wealth to Metal (you). Therefore a money event will appear in 2015. Basically, your money luck is about the same as 2014.  If you have strong Metal in your birth chart, then you will have very good money luck. This is because you had known how to mange the your finance. You should have a good chance to increase your income, investments and wealth. But if you have a weak Metal in the birth chart, then you will feel pressure related to money soon or later. If your Day Master is the Male Metal  Male MetalMale Metal, then Day Master and Wood of 2015 have attraction relationship into Metal. That means money and related events will automatically come toward you in 2015. It will bring you either money fortune or money loss.

Sheep of 2015 contains Earth, which related to your parents, elders, education, knowledge, or health. Therefore, you will spend some time to connect with your parents and elders. Or you might focus on education to expand your knowledge and skills. Also, you might watch your health more often. Earth is the mother element of Metal. 2015 will bring you more energy, safety, protection, and give you better health and stronger determination.

Sheep is the final year of Fire cycle, after Snake and Horse. Therefore, Sheep also contains some Fire. Metal is afraid of Fire, which represents pressure, job, boss, teacher, career, trouble or law to Day Master. If you were doing well in your career over the past two years, then your career luck will continue. If you had trouble in your career in 2013 and 2014, then the job pressure will be still there, but it will alleviate. After summer, your career luck will turn to a better direction.

Besides Earth and Fire, Sheep also contains Wood. Wood can help Fire to burn. Fire can burn Wood into dust (Earth). That means Earth is stronger than Wood and Fire. Earth is the mother element of Metal. Earth can give all energy and support to the Metal. Wood represents money and Fire represents career. In 2015, Money and Career events are active. Earth can handle all the troubles from money and career for you.

If you have weak Metal in the birth chart, then everything - support, money, career and reputation will come your way in 2015. If you own the business, then your business will continue to grow under your expectation. If you work for someone with weak Metal, then you will find that daily job becomes must easier and project schedules will be well-controlled in 2015.

But what if you have strong Metal? Firstly, you have very good money income. But you will have stronger personality. You will become over-confident, even some arrogant, which will hurt your reputation. Then you might have poor money investment. So money comes, then money goes to the other end quietly.

If you are a man, then Wood of 2015 is connected to women, girlfriend or wife. If you are single, then you should have some chances to meet some women through social networks. If you are married, then you will spend more time with your spouse. If you are a single and Day Master is Male Metal  Male MetalMale Metal, then your love is coming toward you. If you are already in love, then that is a good sign for marriage.

Water When You (Day Master) are Water

Wood is the child element of Water. Wood of 2015 represents your outlook, performance, speech, behavior, freedom or expression. That means 2015 is the time to stand up to show yourself to others. Your social life will become a little bit busier. If you become popular, people will know you better. Therefore, Wood also relates to your fame or reputation. If people appreciate your mannerisms, then you should earn a good reputation. If people don't like your ways, then people will give you a negative reputation.

Sheep of 2015 also contains strong Earth, which presents the career, pressure or law. If you have strong Water in your birth chart, then both of your money and career luck will be great in 2015. If Water is too weak in your birth chart and cannot face the challenge from pressures of money and career, then bad health might come after. If people cannot properly manage money, then there is a chance to encounter a lawsuit because of money.

Sheep contains some Fire. Those Fire carried down form previous years, Snake and Horse. Fire represents your money, wealth, luxury life and financial status. If you have good money luck in 2013 and 2014, then the money luck will continue coming to your door. If you suffer the pain of money last two years, then the money pressure will be still there, but will go down. Your financial status will improve in the end of year.

Sheep contains mainly Earth with some Fire and Wood. There is no Water inside. Earth is the dry soil. Female Wood of 2015 is grass or vine. Without Water, grass or vine have trouble to grow on the dry soil. Since you are the Water. Wooden Sheep of 2015 needs your Water to wet soil and then to propagate the grass. That means Water people need to spend lot of energy to help others. They could be your parents, children, subordinates, supporters or followers. You will give your care and love to them without receiving the return. You might feel pressure under certain situation. So you have to watch your limit and pay attention on your health.

Wood  When You (Day Master) are Wood

2015 is Wooden Sheep year. Sheep contains Earth, but also contains some Wood. Wood comes little bit strong. Wood of 2015 represents your friends, siblings, or same generation relatives. Basically the relationships with them are same to year 2014. You will spend some of your time with them in 2015. If your Wood is weak in the birth chart, then 2015 will be good year to you because your friends or relatives will be around to help you whenever you need. They will provide good advice, which can make your job easier and bring your money investment luckier.

If your Wood is strong in the birth chart, then your relatives or friends will bring money trouble to you. It's not a smart move to have any risky investments with them or provide them with a short-term loan. However, we sometimes have to spend money to help someone we love for their health, education, business, career or special issues. All these might happen in 2015.

The main element of Sheep is Earth. Earth represents your money, finance or wealth. Sheep also contains Fire, which stands for your reputation. If you earn good reputation from people, then your income will crease because of your reputation. Basically, the money opportunity is all around you, but they are not obvious out there. You need to dig them out as early as you can. Otherwise, you friends might find them before you.

Wood people will spend most of time to deal with friends and money in 2015. If you have good people relationship, then that friendship will help you to bring in great money and decent wealth. But if your social connection is poor, then you don't have to expect good luck in money.

Earth of 2015 is also connected to girlfriend or wife for a man. If you are male, then your love possibilities or love relationship will improve. However, those opportunities and relationships are full of competition. You need to take aggressive action to win woman's heart.

Fire  When You (Day Master) are Fire

Wood of 2015 represents your parents, mentors, elders, protection, knowledge, education or medicine. The relationships will happen to you about the same as last year.  You will regularly contact your parents or persons who care you. Or you will spend more time learning. Or you will pay attention to your health. Or you are planning to buy a valuable property. Or you feel lots of support and help at work.

Sheep contains mainly Earth. Earth represents your outlook, performance, expression or behavior to people. Earth of Sheep gives you an opportunity to perform and show off. If your birth chart already contains lots of Earth, then people around you will criticize you talking too much. If your birth chart only has little Earth, people will listen when you talk and send you compliments. Either way, you will feel relaxed, free, and joyful.

Sheep of 2015 contains Earth, Fire and Wood. There is no Water there. Water is related to you career. That implies there is not too much change in your career path. Sheep is a dry soil. Water is afraid of dry soil (Earth). You have strong Earth in 2015. Earth stands for your expression and behavior. Therefore, you have to watch your words and actions at work. If you make a mistake, then your enemy could attack you form there. To protect you career is to watch your speech.

Female Wood of 2015 stands for grass or vine. 2015 is related to grass on dry soil. Grass need water to help it grow. You are Fire people. Fire makes Earth of 2015 more drier. That will hurt the survival of grass. That implies Fire is easy to hurt people's feeling, special the parents or family elders. Therefore, think twice before you jump when expressing your opinions.

Earth  When You (Day Master) are Earth

Wood of 2015 represents your job, career, boss, police or law. Your behaviors or activities will encounter some restrictions. Or your work at company will bring you some pressure. But you should be able to handle the challenge. 2105 should be a year of career opportunity to you.

If you are a female, then 2015 is also a year for a possible love relationship because Wood is connected to a boyfriend or husband. If you a single, then this is a good year to increase your social activity. You will find more than one opportunities waiting for you. If you are in love or married, you will spend lot of time with your boyfriend or husband.

Sheep of 2015 contains strong Earth. Earth presents your siblings, friends or same generation relatives. Therefore, 2015 will be busy year for you to hang around your old and new friends. That's a sign of money opportunity. Friends might advise and inform you the location of treasure or possible money luck, so you know where to get it. But be careful, it might be the other around. Your friends may want you to share your treasure, then you will need to donate some to them. This might happen, if you have strong Earth in your birth chart. In short, if Earth is your lucky element, then it will bring you extra income. If Earth is an unlucky element, then money loss is possible.

Sheep of 2015 contains Earth, Fire and Wood. There is no Water there. Water is related to you money. If your Earth is strong in your birth chart, then you won't have significant money luck in 2015. If you are a man with strong Earth and little Water in your birth chart, then you won't spend too much time on women.

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