Understand Five Stars and Money Luck in Chinese Astrology

Five Elements Sign Five Stars are Money, Career, Parent, Fame and Companion Stars, which are element relationship with Day Master in your birth chart. Most Chinese fortune tellers use Five Stars to predict people's fortune, not from the animal signs.

In Chinese astrology, the Career Star means anything or anyone give you the pressure or harm. Therefore Career Star might be a job giving you pressure, a disease giving your health pressure, accident hurting your body or a person giving you rules. So the Career Star represents the position, job, power, pressure, competition, challenge, accident, adventure, law, reform and etc. When connecting to people, the Career Star is your boss, teacher, police, government people, even your parents, mentors or anyone gives your orders. The Career Star is unpredictable. It's just like angel and evil. It gives people good advice and sometimes bad time. That's why your boss, teacher, police, even parents act like this way to help you to grow up. Men, male coworkers and boyfriends are Career Star to women, since most women feel the pressure from men. When connecting to the personality, it might become disciplined, upright, etiquette, virtuous, honest, or become fighting, passive, inactive, timidity, indecisive, irresolute, depressed and coward in the other way.

The Fame (Child) Star is related to anything out of you. Therefore, your body and mind expression to people is the Fame star. Whatever you give people impressions should be your reputation. So Fame Star represents people's outlook, idea, expression, skill, talent, wisdom, argument, weakness, children, disease and etc. In short, the Fame Star helps you to become famous. When connecting to people, the Fame Star is your children, attendant, audiences or anyone needs you to take care. When connecting to personality, the Fame Star is related to unleash, freedom, hyperactive, challenge, hysteria, haughty, arrogant and offensive.

The Parent Star is connected to something or someone protect you. Anything can increase your body and mind power is the Parent star. So the Parent Star stands for your parents, supporters, subordinates, education, wisdom, knowledge, reputation, medicine, meditation, religious and etc. When connecting to people, the Parent Star is your parents, mentors, elders, police, teacher, doctor, and clergyman. When connecting to personality, the Parent Star is related to kindhearted, concerning, caring, relax, laziness, sly, experienced, scheming, face-saving, slow and dull.

The Companion Star stands for your siblings or relatives who have the same generation with you. People will fell much comfortable, confident, aggressive, stronger and braver when friends are around. So the competition, expansion, independence, friendship, leadership, challenge and money are Companion Stars. When connecting to people, Companion Star can be siblings, relatives, friends, coworker, customers, clients, competitors, comrade in arms or any person who has same age or same standing point with you. When connecting to personality, the Companion Star is related to competition, sociable, dominating, governing, courage, selfish, confidence, self-esteem, thrifty and frugal.

The Money Star must be related to money, property, investment, loan, shopping, social life and material life. When connecting to people, Money star is your father or persons give you money, is your friends who interesting on your money. Also women, female coworkers, girlfriend and spouse are Money Star to men, since women make men feel pleasant and rich. Man's spouse helps him to generate more family income. When connecting to personality, the Money Star is related to generous, sociable, frank, candid,  straightforward, tactful, sly, lavish, diplomatic, industrious and thrifty.

Five Elements Cycle The Companion Star and Money Star are opposite. They all are related to money. When Companion Stars are together for a while, those people will look for the Money Star to make them richer or happy. If you want to Money Star to increase your revenue, then you need Companion Stars spending money on you. It might confuse many people here. However, there is a secret in reading the Chinese astrology birth chart.

If Money Star is your Lucky Element, then Money Star can bring money luck to you and Companion Star can give you a financial loss. If Companion Star is your Lucky Element, then Companion Star means wealth to you and Money Star means debt to you. So when Companion Star is your Lucky Element, then Companion Star becomes your money star. That's why Companion Star and Money Star are opposite stars.

Mix Five Elements The Fame Star and Parent Star are opposite. They all are related to reputation. Parent Star protect and support you, so it can bring you good reputation. The Fame Star is like your child. When a child grows up, he or she can protect his or her parents. So Fame Star can bring you good reputation. But both of stars will bring you bad reputation, if they are your unlucky element.

Also, they are related to money too. The Fame Star is the mother of Money Star. This means Fame Star can help people building the wealth, If Money Star is the Lucky Element. However, Fame Star only lets you famous, not rich, if Money Star is not there. If Money Star is the unlucky element, then Fame Star stands for consuming money. Such as you keep investing money into no-profit business, keep paying interest on a big loan or keep paying money for alimony or protection fee This is because Money Star stands for debt, when it's unlucky to you; and Fame Star helps you to build more debt.

It's same to the Parent Star. If Companion Star is the Lucky Element, then Parent Star can help Money Star to bring you more wealth. If the Companion Star is an unlucky one, then Parent Star stands for losing money or increasing financial loss. This is because you are Money Star is weak or little in your birth chart, and you have many Companion Stars and Parent Stars interesting in sharing your very limited money. In short, Parent Star makes you poorer, if Companion Star is the unlucky element.

Hint Some people earn tons of money, but they cannot save too much. Many celebrities need to pay for money for their expenses, loan, investment, agents, employees or subordinates every month. So they don't have too much money left. It's possible that the Career Star is too weak in their birth charts. Career Star is the one gives orders to a person. So Career Star is watching people's behavior. If the Companion Star is much stronger than the Career Star, then the person doesn't fear about the Career Star and will do whatever he or she wants, including spending the money. Many celebrities have strong Fame Star. A Fame Star could jeopardize the Career Star. This is why famous people trend to spend more money than us. In short, the Career Star can help people to save their money.

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