Chinese Prophecy for Golden Snake Year 2001

There are several political prophecies about Chinese history in old Chinese books. Some of the prophecies cover thousands of years. Some prophecies are short. A short prophecy more than 350 years ago predicted the major events in China’s history from the first emperor of the Ching dynasty (1644) to the year of Golden Snake (2001). This prophecy correctly predicted the all the names of the emperors and their years of ascending to the throne in the Ching dynasty. It also predicted the Republic of China (Taiwan) regime, China's civil war and the Kuomintang's (KMT) evacuation to Taiwan.

The next to last prophecy was "The southern army arrived at the west side of the nation in the year of Red Rat". The year of Red Rat is year 1996. In 1996, China fired missiles towards Taiwan during the first national president's election.

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The last prophecy is "The destiny will end in the year of Golden Snake". The hint is that the Taiwanese regime or the Kuomintang will have a big change in Year 2001. This is not sad news, since the meaning of "end" is a new beginning.

If you are interesting in this prophecy and able to read Chinese, then please read the Forecast2001 page.

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