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Chinese New Year Lantern FestivalChinese celebrate 15-day long festival for Chinese New Year. Chinese Lantern Festival (Yuan-Xiao Festival) is the last day of 15-day Chinese New Year Festival. That means Chinese Lantern Festival is on the 15th day of the first lunar month in the Chinese lunar calendar.

2012 Chinese New Year Day is on the January 23, 2012. Therefore the 2012 Chinese Lantern Festival is on February 6, 2012. The major cities in China will decorate new year lightings and lanterns before the New Year Day. But the Lantern Festival Party will kick off on the 15th lunar day. The city is required lots of budget to beautify the night of Lantern Festival to attract the tourists from other towns or around the world. Therefore, we cannot see the such events in the North America before. However, we can see some videos from Internet today.

Taiwan 2013 Lantern Festival Schedule - February 24 to March 10
Taiwan 2012 Lantern Festival Schedule - February 6 to February 29
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Chinese Lantern Festival - Story, Carnival, Custom, and Food

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Taiwan Lantern Festival 2006 - Year of Dog

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2007 - Year of Pig

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2008 - Year of Rat

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2009 - Year of Ox

Taiwan Lantern Festival 2010 - Year of Tiger

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Taipei, Taiwan 2008 Lantern Festival

Taiwan 2011 Lantern Festival Schedule - February 17 to February 28

2011 Miaoli Lantern Festival is from February 17 to February 28. See videos at

Taiwan 2010 Lantern Festival Schedule - February 20 to March 7

2010 Kaohsiung Lantern Festival will be taken place from February 20 until March 7, 2010 at Honorary Pier and Love River.

Taiwan 2009 Lantern Festival Schedule - February 9 to February 22

Chinese Lantern Festival - Year of OxChinese Lantern Festival - Year of Cow

2009 Taiwan Lantern Festival will be held Yilan 宜蘭 City, not Taipei, from February 9 to February 22, 2009. The main theme lantern is a a movable golden-colored statue of the Taiwanese Water Buffalo, because 2009 is the Year of the Ox. The metal theme lantern stands 18.3 meters high and weighs 26 metric tons. The 2009 Taiwan Lantern Festival will kick off at 7:00 p.m. on February 9, 2009.

2009 Taiwan Lantern Festival Official Site

Taipei 2009 Lantern Festival Schedule - February 6 to February 15

2009 Taipei Lantern Festival will open from February 6 for 10 days. The main lantern is the images of oxen to welcome the Year of the Ox. An exhibition of lanterns created in the traditional manner will be held in the plaza of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

Chinese Lantern Festival - Story, Carnival, Custom, and Food
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