Chinese Astrology Cycle - Fleeting Time

The Fleeting Time (On That Day) Program is an Add-on component for Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software version 8 or above. It's required the Personal birthday database (Names.mdb of Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology) to run this program.

It can be launched by clicking the Calendar Icon in the Toolbar of Fortune Angel Astrology software. The birth data will pass from Fortune Angel software over Fleeting Time program as follows.

The people button lets you select different personal birthday from Names.mdb database.

The OK button is to refresh the astrology cycles and birth chart diagrams when the birth data or Day Master option is changed.

The Hand button is to display the Yearly Cycle and Daily Cycle prediction messages.

Five Element buttons are to display the prediction message base on Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The prediction will connected to Five Stars, which are Companion, Fame, Money, Career and Parent Stars. The birth chart and astrological cycle will highlighted selected Element with yellow background.

The Clock button is to display the bi-hourly Stem-Branch list on that day. The Day Stem and Day Branch will be highlighted with yellow background.

There is an option to change the strength of Day Master, by checking on the Use Different Opinion Checkbox.

Then the prediction message will be adjusted by re-clicking on The Hand button .

Clicking on the USA Flag button , the birth chart and astrological cycles diagrams will be displayed in graphic symbols.

The Information button is to display information about Fleeting Time program.

The Light button is to show this HTML page. More information about Fleeting Time is in the following link.

The Concept of the Fleeting Time


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