Chinese Astrology Web Apps for Small phones

The following links are the Free Chinese Astrology and Baby Gender Prediction applications for Apple iPhone, Google Android and other smart phones from Master Tsai.

All these web applications are designed to fit the layout of small phones. If you don't have a small phone, you cannot read all the contents. But you can find similar pages in our FaceBook Apps, MySpace Apps or our classic pages.

When using the iPhone or Android, you can add these apps URL into Home Screen, then your smart phones will create the following Icon shortcuts for you.

Master Tsai's Web Apps for Smart Phones

Chinese Astrology Fast Love Match

Baby Gender Predictor
Analyzes people's compatibility from birthdays
Tells Matching Scores, Romantic Signs, Romantic Days.
Predicts baby gender before pregnancy by woman conception date
using Chinese ancient Baby Gender Prediction Chart.

Chinese Five Element Astrology

Chinese Age Calculator

Reveals the secret of your Rise and Fall Life Chart
Tells your lucky place, lucky color, lucky signs and lucky time

Calculates your Chinese age
Also, calculate Chinese age on woman conception date

Chinese Zodiac Sign

Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion

Many websites give certain people wrong Chinese zodiac signs
This app tells people correct Chinese Horoscope Sign

Converts from solar calendar to Calendar lunar calendar or
from lunar calendar to solar calendar

Daily Chinese Horoscopes

Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart

Predicts people's career, job, money, fame, wealth, health,
trouble, debt, lawsuit, dating, love, marriage, people relationship

The Baby Gender Prediction Chart for royal families to determine
 the baby gender before
pregnancy in Ching Dynasty

The following are three popular Fortune Angel Love Match reports.
Zodiac Match Find Your Most Compatible Birthdays - Best Love Matches
Astrology Match Love Matches with Multiple Persons
Love Match Love Match and Marriage Analysis

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Chinese Fortune Calendar