Print Chinese Fortune Calendar

With Your Own Picture

Year Month   Time Zone 

The Picture location

Optional to resize Picture's Width (533 to 640) and Height (400 to 480)

  • Select a month
  • Select your Time Zone
  • If you have your own picture in your PC, type the picture location like C:\images\snoopy.gif
  • If you find a nice picture in other website, type the picture location like
  • Click the Submit button
  • Print the page from your browser (click the Printer button in the tool bar)

Need More Space for the Picture?

How to remove the Page Header and Footer?
   Click File in the Menu Bar, select Page Setup..., remove codes in Header and Footer.

How to restore the Page Header and Footer?
   From Page Setup..., type &w&bPage &p of  &P in Header;, type &u&b&d in Footer and Save it.

Need more space for your Picture?
   From Page Setup..., decrease the Top and Button margins.

Need more page space after Page Setup?
   Resize the picture. If the size of your picture is 640 X 480 or 800 X 600 (Width X Height) higher,
   use 512 X 384, 533 X 400 or 640 X 480 to resize.

How to Adjust the Calendar Printing Position?
   From Page Setup..., Increase or decrease the Top and Button Margins.

Find a Nice Picture for Your Own Calendar?

When you find a nice picture in the web page, right-click on the picture and select Save Picture As item, then save the picture at your local drive. Remember the picture location and name and type into The Picture Location in the above form to print the Chinese Fortune Calendar using your own picture. The following links can help you to find some nice wallpapers.

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