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Sometimes, people ask us why they have to suffer miserable life and endure the pain for so many years. They want to know any beam of hope in the near future from the Chinese Astrology. We are very happy to read their Chinese Astrology birth charts and hopefully we can bring the good news to them. Some of cases, we can see that their misfortune astrological cycle will end soon. But some still need more years to challenge their life.

We simplify the fortune of luck into five major astrological cycles based on the theory of Chinese Astrology Five Elements, which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The astrological cycles are Knowledge Cycle, Friend Cycle, Expression Cycle, Money Cycle and Career Cycle.

If a person didn't learn the skill in the Knowledge Cycle, didn't treat people good in the Friend Cycle, didn't catch the opportunity the Expression Cycle, then he or she will have financial trouble during the Money Cycle and have lots of pressure during the Career Cycle. We mentioned at the Cycle of Sow and Reap page many years ago. If you want to enjoy your life in the Money and Career cycles, then you need to prepare and plan during Knowledge and Friend cycles, and then you will have idea to set up your goal in the next cycle.

The first step to reach your goal is to dream. Many dreams are possible.

Dance - Hand in Hand


Nick Vujicic

The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes:

Randy Pausch Last Lecture:


If your dream never comes true in your life, the dream is still beautiful and wonderful keeping in your mind forever. Many people feel some kind of disappointment after the dream came true.

Extraordinary Blind People - Seeing with Sound

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