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Thus is an archive main menu page. Most of the article links are the foundation information of the, launched in 1999. The heart engine of Chinese astrology is the Chinese fortunetelling calendar. That uses astronomical Sun and Moon data to do the calculate for Chinese solar and lunar calendar conversion. Because of this, we build very accurate Chinese astrology birth chart. We convert Chinese birth chart into Five Element scores and let people to understand their Five Elements easily and quickly. This will help people to know how to improve their fortune in the rest of their life.

Moon and Sun  Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion

Fortune-Telling   Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar

Farmer   Chinese Farmer's Calendar (Almanac)

  Find Chinese new year days and animal names

People Age  Find your Chinese age

Baby Cart  Predict Infant sex by woman's age and conception month

Baby Cart  Predict Infant gender from Chinese Fortune Calendar

I Ching  Select lucky baby name by Numerology from I-Ching

 Do you have a lucky name ?

Pair  Dating, Marriage and Compatibility

 Find a new job...

Five Elements  Five Elements' Menu

Five Elements  Five Elements' Chart

Stem and Branch  Menu of Stem-Branch

 Find Chinese Festivals 

 Year 2002 Chinese Black Horse Year

 Year 2001 Chinese Golden Snake Year

 Year 2000 Chinese Golden Dragon Year

print Calendar  Print Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar

When and Why ?  2000 Chinese Moon Festival 

  Chinese Horoscope for your personality
Master Tsai's New Chinese Five Pillars Astrology

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2014 Chinese Moon Festival on September 8, 2014

2014 Super Full Moon and Chinese Moon Festival

2014 Full Moon Valentine's Day

Chinese Astrology and Health - Fight with Cancer

Dr. Tien-Shen Hsu - The Secret of Healing Cancer

Ping Shuai Gong - Simply Healing Severe illness

2015 Year of Sheep

2015 Chinese Zodiac 12 Animal Signs

2015 Chinese Zodiac for Rat

2015 Chinese Zodiac for Cow

2015 Chinese Zodiac for Tiger

2015 Chinese Zodiac for Rabbit

2015 Chinese Zodiac for Dragon

2015 Chinese Zodiac for Snake

2015 Chinese Zodiac for Horse

2015 Chinese Zodiac for Sheep

2015 Chinese Zodiac for Monkey

2015 Chinese Zodiac for Chicken

2015 Chinese Zodiac for Dog

2015 Chinese Zodiac for Pig

2014 Chinese Astrology

Learning Chinese Astrology- Five Elements, Stems and Braches

Finding the most Auspicious Wedding Day? For Free or Ask the master!

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