Heavenly Stem & Earthly Branch

MetalMetal WaterWater WoodWood FireFire SoilSoil
2023WaterRabbitBlack WaterRabbit0303000
2024WoodDragonGreen WoodDragon0339018
2025WoodSnakeGreen WoodSnake7030167
2026FireHorseRed FireHorse0005010
2027FireSheepRed FireSheep0033918
2028EarthMonkeyBrown EarthMonkey1670037
2029EarthChickenBrown EarthChicken3000030
2030MetalDogWhite MetalDog3900318
2031MetalPigWhite MetalPig30201000
2032WaterRatBlack WaterRat060000

The weights of Five Elements are for balancing your Five Elements. To find your Five Elements is from Chinese Fortune Calendar. Your 40% luck is determined from here. Another 40% luck is determined by your decade cycles from Chinese Fortune Calendar, too. The rest of 20% luck is determined by something else.

The theory of Chinese Five Elements is the foundation of Chinese Horoscopes. The main menu of the Chinese Five Elements is a rich resources page to learn Chinese Astrology. You can make inquiries the scores, charts, relationships, and weights of Five Elements.

Chinese Astrology Five Elements Main Menu