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The following are additional information and resources for people interesting in love compatibility, baby nursing, parenting, baby name selection, baby gender selection, love dating, Chinese astrology studying, or Feng Shui education. Many good books are available at Our most popular Chinese New Year Astrology pages this year are also shown here.

Chinese New Year and Chinese Zodiac

2015 Chinese New Year 2015 Chinese Zodiac 12 Animal Signs
2015 Year of Sheep 2015 Chinese Year of Sheep Astrology
Chinese New Year Questions and Answers Rabbit or Cat Year
Chinese New Year Days 2015 Chinese New Year Astrology
Chinese New Year Lantern Festival Predict  Your 2015 Chinese Astrology by Birthday
Chinese New Year Party 

Love Match

Find Your Best Love Matches Give you birthdays which have very high love compatibility match with you
Love Matches with Multiple Persons Love Compatibility Match with 50 people using Chinese astrology, Western Zodiac and Feng Shui matches
Love Match and Marriage Analysis Analyze two persons' compatibility and their marriage luck using three astrology matches
Top Online Dating ServicesReview top dating services member size
Top Dating Site Ranking ChartsWatch the top dating service traffic ranking charts

Most Compatible Birthdays Love Match and Marriage Luck

Pregnancy, Baby Gender & Names

Pregnancy.about.comPregnancy & Birth
The Labor of LoveWomen Pregnancy
www.storknet.orgOld Wives Tales - How to Tell Having a Boy or a Girl
www.babynames.comBaby Names

Books of Pregnancy & Baby Gender

How to Choose the Sex of Your BabyThe Method Best Supported by Scientific Evidence (Best Seller)
Boy or Girl ?50 Fun Ways to Find out (Top 2 Seller)
How to Have a Boystep-by-step guide to scientifically maximize your chances of conceiving a Son
How to Have a Girlstep-by-step guide to scientifically maximize the chances of conceiving a Daughter
Purrfect Parenting - by Beverly GuhlMust read! Very good gift for new mother

Books of Feng Shui

168 Ways to SuccessLove, Relationships, Carerr Booster, Wealth Luck - Lillian Too
Feng Shui for LoveLillian Too's Easy-to-use Feng Shui
Feng Shui Astrology for LoversHow to Improve Love and Relationships by Gerry Thompson, Michio Kushi
Flying Star Feng ShuiFlying Star Feng Shui Made Easy - David Twicken Ph.D.

Books of Chinese Astrology

BaZi- The Destiny Code: Your Guide to the Four Pillars of Destiny Five Element Chinese Astrology from Master Yap
Eight Characters Chinese Personal Forecasting Five Element Chinese Astrology from Lillian Too
The Power of X : Enter the 10 Gods 10 Gods Chinese Astrology from Master Yap
Five Element Chinese AstrologyClassical Five Element Chinese Astrology Made Easy - David Twicken
Chinese AstrologyEncyclopedia of Chinese astrology
Four Pillars and Oriental MedicineCelestial Stems, Terrestrial Branches and Five Elements for Health
The Balancing Act of Five ElementsMastering the Five Elements of Success in Life, Relationships & Work
Chinese HoroscopeForecast Your Future from Your Chinese Horoscope
Chinese AstrologyPlain and Simple
East West AstrologyThe Chinese and Western Traditions to Chart Your Destiny

Books of Calendars

Allen TsaiThe Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar for China & USA - print in Chinese
Neil F. MichelsenAmerican Ephemeris for the 21st Century 2000 to 2050 at Midnight
Neil F. MichelsenAmerican Ephemeris for the 20th Century 1900 to 2000 at Midnight
Gary L. FitzpatrickInternational Time Tables
Peter J. Duffett-SmithAstronomy With Your Personal Computer
Jean MeeusAstronomical Algorithms
Jean MeeusAstronomical Tables of the Sun, Moon and Planets

Moon and Sun

US Naval ObservatoryUS Naval Observatory - most accuracy moon time
www.astronomy.comGet Sky Events
www.almanac.comThe Old Farmer's Almanac Phase

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