2018 Donald Trump Chinese Horoscope - Will Donald Trump be Impeached?

The Prediction of 45th US President Election - Chinese Zodiac for Donald Trump

President Donald Trump was born in the year of the Fire Dog. His birth month is Wooden Horse. He was born on the Brown Sheep Day at Brown Snake Hour. That implies a Fire Dog likes to compete with others like a Horse. He acts tough outside, but he has Sheep's personality hidden with Snake's philosophy.

Many Chinese zodiac animal sites don't have the knowledge of Chinese Five Element horoscopes. They state that people born in the Dog year won't have a good luck during the Dog years. Does that imply on President Donald Trump? Will 2018 be a bad year to him? Will he be impeached? If you had read our 2016 Chinese horoscope reading for Donald Trump, you should know the answer. If you miss, then please read the following first.

Donald Trump is an American businessman, billionaire real estate mogul, author, television personality and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for US President in the 2016 election.

Education: Graduated: University of Pennsylvania in 1968 with a degree in economics.
Birth Date: June 14, 1946
Birth Time: 10:54 am daylight saving time (according to astro-databank).
Birth Place: Queens, New York City

Marriage Years: 1977-1991, 1993-1999, 2005-present

Filed Bankruptcy Years: 1991, 1992, 1994, 2004, 2009

Donald Trump Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart

The above birth chart is from the Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software.
The 1st right-most column is the Year Column, which contains information about his early ages.
The 2nd right-most column is the Month Column, which contains information of growing up ages and family.
The 3rd column is the Day Column, which contains information of middle ages and marriage.

The Five Element Scores
Donald Trump has a very special birth chart. His Five Elements are extremely out of balance.
The birth chart has too much Fire and Earth, with almost no Water or Metal.
Also, the Day Master is extremely strong. His Lucky Elements are Earth and Fire.

Donald Trump was born on the Female Earth Sheep Female Metal Sheep day in the Male Wooden Horse month of the Male Fire Dog Year at Female Earth Snake hour. The Day Stem (Day Master) represents the person. Therefore, the Brown Earth Female Metal Female Earth represents Donald Trump. Both Sheep and Dog are in the Earth group. Both Snake and Horse are in the Fire Group. Fire is the Mother element of Earth. Fire makes Earth stronger. Horse, Sheep and Snake together form a very strong Fire combination. Additionally, Dog and Horse have an attraction relationship into Fire. Male Wood of Month column and Day Master Brown Earth have an attraction relationship into Earth. Therefore, the entire birth chart contains almost exclusively Fire and Earth. There is no Water in the birth chart at all. This is an example of a special birth chart in Chinese astrology. It's called an Extremely Strong case. Because of this, we cannot use the Yin Yang Balance theory to select the Lucky Element. Instead, the Lucky Element is decided by the strongest Element for this type of Extremely Strong birth chart. Therefore, Earth is the Lucky Element. Fire is the supporting element of Earth and the second Lucky Element.

Day Master Female Earth is connected to Wet Soil, as wet soil can grow plants. Male Fire is related to the Sun and Female Fire is connected to hot temperatures. Fire provides energy to the Earth. That means Donald Trump's Wet Soil is full of energy and can grow something from nothing. Earth is also connected to land. In Trump's case: real estate. Any business related to Earth will bring him money. Any business related to Fire will be a good investment, which also brings him good reputation.

Metal is something out of Earth. Metal is related to his expressions and behaviors. Metal is an opposite element of Fire. He may express opinions different from his supporters. Therefore, Metal is related to bad reputation or bad investments. Water is related to money for him, however Water is an unlucky element. Water brings him debt. Wood is related to career for him, and brings him challenge and pressure.

Money and women are the same object (element) to a man in the theory of Chinese astrology. This is because that a man needs to conquer them to own. Since Water is the unlucky element to him, women can bring him trouble.

Water is related to cold, winter, ocean, black or blue. Earth and Fire are his lucky elements. Earth is related to soil, center or brown. Fire is related to heat, summer, south or red. Therefore, red, ruby and brown can bring him good luck. The center and southern areas are favorable to him.

In order to fully analyze Donald Trump's fortune, we need to break down Five Elements into Yin and Yang. The following is the interpretation about the relationship between Day Master (Donald Trump) Female Earth and Yin-Yang Five Elements.

Five Element Interpretation
Male Wood
Male WoodMale Wood
Male Wood is a tall tree, which can grow strong by breaking the ground. That implies Male Wood brings him (Female Earth) pressure. However, Male Wood and Female Earth have attraction relationship into Earth. That means Donald Trump knows how to persuade or conquer his opponents to stand by his side. Although Male Wood gives him pressure, it also brings in opportunities.
Female Wood
Female WoodFemale Wood
Female Wood is grass. This grass can spend rapidly and cover an entire land. That means Female Wood can overwhelm Female Earth. It can steal the show from Donald Trump.
Male Fire
Male FireMale Fire
Male Fire is related to the sun. Sun brings energy to Female Earth. Fire is connected to knowledge, parents, protection, education and good reputation.
Female Fire
Female FireFemale Fire
Female Fire is related to the heat or high temperature. It helps plants on the land to grow faster and taller. It can make a land prettier and more valuable. Female Fire is connected to Donald Trump's supporters, aides, knowledge, decorations and good investments.
Male  Earth
Male SoilMale Soil
Male Earth is a tall hill. Female Earth is a flat farmland. Male Earth helps Donald Trump to move his empire to a higher position. Male Earth can also absorb Water (money) quickly, which can rapidly increase his wealth.
Female Earth
Female SoilFemale Soil
Female Earth is related to Donald Trump's partners, friends, siblings or relatives. He will find someone or new partners to help him to bring in extra income. Female Earth can bring money in.
Male Metal
Male MetalMale Metal
Metal is related to ideas and expression, and Male Metal is connected to wind. Ideas that Donald Trump has can spread out quickly. However, his aides and supports may sometimes have different opinions from him. If he makes a wrong decision, he will pay the price later.
Female Metal
Female MetalFemale Metal
Metal is something out of Earth. Female Metal is connected to treasure underground or fog on the ground. Female Metal and Male Fire of Year Column have attraction relationship into Water. This implies that he needs to spend money to enjoy his a life of luxury.
Male Water
Male WaterMale Water
Water is related to money. Male Water is the flowing water. It could flush away some soil. This is a sign of money loss.
Female Water
Female WaterFemale Water
Water is related to money. Female Water is connected to still water or rain. It could turn Female Earth into muddy soil, which cannot grow healthy plants. It's an unfavorable sign for any kind of money investment.

Donald Trump's Chinese Astrology 10-Year Major Cycles

Major Cycle Astrology Sign
Female Wood
Female Wood

Female Wood Sheep
Sheep is Earth
Female Wood is discipline. Female Earth Sheep is related to siblings. This birth chart contains a lot of Earth, which implies many sibling activities and relationships. Earth Sheep helps Trump become stronger and show a strong personality. Additionally, Female Wood can help his behavior and discipline. He attended N.Y. Military Academy at age 13.
Male Fire
Male Fire
Male Fire Monkey
Monkey is Metal
Male Fire is related to education, reputation and parents. Monkey is Male Metal, which is connected to expression, ideas, exposure in public, and controversial opinions. Since Male Fire is a lucky element and with Monkey Metal, he can win public recognition.
Female FireFemale Soil
Female Fire
Female Fire Chicken
Chicken is Metal
Female Fire is related to learning, support, and energy. This pushes Trump to higher achievements and goals. Chicken is Female Metal, which is connected to jewelry, matters of luxury, showing off, and a joyful life.
  • Trump married to Ivana in 1977
Male Soil
Male Soil
Male Earth Dog
Dog is Earth

Dog contains mainly Male Earth. Male Earth is related to mountains. Female Earth, Trump's Day Master, is related to a flat land or farmland. Male Earth helps Female Earth become a hill. This implies Mr. Trump can build his empire.

  • Trump Tower opened in 1982
  • Trump Plaza, Atlantic City opened in 1982
  • Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino opened in May 1984
  • Taj Mahal opened in 1990, Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1991
  • Divorced from Ivana in 1992
Female Soil
Female Soil
Female Earth Pig
Pig is Water
Female Earth is related to his partners, competitors, or relatives. Pig is in the Water group, and Water is connected to money. This is a sign of an argument about money.
  • Trump married to Marla Maples in 1993
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy for Trump Plaza Hotel in 1994
  • Trump Entertainment Resorts founded in 1995
  • Publicized divorce from Maples in 1997, which became final in 1999
  • Started to host NBC reality show - The Apprentice in 2003
Male Metal
Male Metal
Male Metal Rat
Rat is Water
Male Metal is related to expression, behavior, and exposure in public. Rat is Water, which is related to money or women to Mr. Trump.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy for Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in 2004
  • Trump married to model Melania in 2005
  • Trump University launch in 2005
  • Awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in January 2007
  • Trump Entertainment Resorts bankrupted and restructured in 2009
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy for Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009
  • Trump University ceased operation in 2010 and lawsuit filed in 2013
  • Received an honorary doctorate from Liberty University on September 24, 2012.
Female Metal
Female Metal
Female Metal Cow
Cow is Earth

Female Metal is related to jewelry, gourmet food, and a luxurious lifestyle. Female Metal and Male Fire of the Year Column have an attraction relationship into Water. Water is not a lucky sign for money. Cow is in the Earth group, and is related to real estate business. Since Earth is the Lucky Element, he will have a good investment return from the real estate.

  • Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino closed in September 2014
  • Trump Entertainment Resorts bankrupted in 2014.
  • The Apprentice ended in 2015.

Donald Trump's Lucky Element is Earth. He is very successful in luxury real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management. He owns many hotels and golf clubs around the world. However, Trump failed in his casino investment. Casino is a night and cash flow business, which is connected to Water. Additionally, Earth Pig cycle was from 1993 to 2002; Metal Rat cycle was from 2003 to 2012. Pig and Rat are in the Water group.

We can see that the cycle of Water has brought him financial trouble. However, his business bankruptcy years don't stand as the worst years to him. Technically, he should have more headaches before bankruptcy, because he should try his best to save his long term real estate investment before giving up.

Donald Trump's Coming Years

Yearly Cycle Astrology Sign
Male FireMale Fire
Male Fire Monkey
Monkey is Male Metal. This is the same as the Major Cycle of 1963-1972. Male Fire is related to supporters and reputation. Monkey is Metal, which is connected to exposure in public and controversial opinions. Fire will bring him positive reputation first. He becomes the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States in the 2016 election. Monkey will bring him some negative reputation later.
Female FireFemale SoilFemale Fire
Female Fire Chicken
Chicken is Female Metal. This is the same as the Major Cycle of 1973-1982. Female Metal related to his children or subordinates. They will spend more time with Trump, and the people supporting Trump will expect certain achievements from him. Trump will enjoy his life.
Male SoilMale Soil
Male Earth Dog
Dog is Earth. This is the same as the Major Cycle of 1983-1992. Donald Trump will do pretty well during the extremely strong Earth year.
Female SoilFemale Soil
Female Earth Pig
Pig is Water. This is the same as the Major Cycle of 1993-2002. Earth is related to partners, coworkers, and competitors. They can bring him good ideas regarding financial opportunities. Female Earth is wet soil; it is a fertile farmland. However, Water Pig will make the land muddy. That indicates slow progress in money related projects.
Male MetalMale Metal
Male Metal Rat
Rat is Water. This is the same as the Major Cycle of 2003-2012. Metal is the mother element of Water; this is a strong Water year. He will have money management issues.

Donald Trump's Day Master, Female Earth, is extremely strong. The first Lucky Element is Earth. Fire is the mother element of Earth. Since Fire fully supports Earth, Fire is the second Lucky Element. Though Wood puts pressure on Earth, Fire can burn Wood and turn it into Earth. Therefore, Wood is good for Donald Trump too. Metal is a child element of Earth. In order to create Metal, Earth needs a lot of energy. This means that Metal elements can take up his time and energy, and ultimately bring down his vigor, imposing manner, and reputation. Water is the opposite element to Earth and Fire, therefore it is considered as the unlucky element to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump's Astrological Months for 2016 Election

Astrology Month Five Element Explanation
Male Metal
Metal Tiger 02/04/16-03/04/16
Spring is the season of Wood (tree). Tiger and Rabbit are in Wood group. These two months have the strongest Wood in the astrological cycle. Wood is related to pressure. His strong Fire can handle the pressure from Wood easily and make Day Master much stronger.

Metal is related to negative reputation. Donald Trump needs to fight hard for the Republican presidential nomination with lots of energy. And he can overcome the problems.

Female MetalFemale Metal
Metal Rabbit 03/05/16-04/03/16
Male WaterFemale Water
Water Dragon 04/04/16-05/04/16
Water is money. Dragon is in the Earth group. These two are opposite elements. This implies money in and money out during this campaign period.
Female WaterFemale Water
Water Snake 05/05/16-06/04/16
Summer is the season of Fire. Snake and Horse are in Fire group. Fire is Trump's lucky element and related to good reputation. Trump's popularity will be hot during the summer.

Because Male Wood of June and Day Master Female Earth have an attraction relationship into Earth, June is a very good month to win support of the people. Trump will conquer the pressure he gets from Wood. And Wood, in turn, will support him. Certainly, this will bring in lots of donations.

Male WoodMale Wood
Wooden Horse 06/05/16-07/06/16
Female WoodFemale Wood
Wooden Sheep 07/07/16-08/07/16
Female Wood is related to grass, weeds or vines. It can cover the land. Sheep is in the Earth group. That implies his campaign momentum will decrease a little, then come back.
Male FireMale Fire
Fire Monkey 08/07/16-09/06/16
Autumn is the season of Metal. Both Monkey and Chicken are in the Metal group. August is Fire Money, which is same as the Year 2016. Monkey is also connected to wind. When two monkeys come together, they form a twister. Donald Trump will bring up big controversial issues to stir the campaign. In September, Trump will fight to earn his reputation.

Updated: Donald Trump's nasty talk video was revealed on October 7, 2016. 10/07/2016 was the Water Dog Day.

Female FireFemale SoilFemale Fire
Fire Chicken 09/07/16-10/07/16
Male SoilMale Soil
Earth Dog 10/08/16-11/06/16
October is Earth Dog month. Dog is Earth. This is the same as the 1983-1992 Major Cycle, which is the best 10-Year major cycle to build his business empire. A flat land will become a mountain. The momentum of Trump's campaign will be at its peak in October.

Updated: 10/08/2016 was the Water Pig Day. 10/09/2016 was the Wooden Rat Day. Pig and Rat are Water. Trump had big trouble on women issues.

Female SoilFemale Soil
Earth Pig 11/07/16-12/06/16
Winter is the season of Water. Pig and Rat are both in the Water group. Water brings down Donald Trump's luck. The Earth Pig month begins on November 7, 2016. The US presidential election of 2016 is scheduled on November 8, 2016. Trump's campaign momentum shouldn't lose quickly enough on election day. He has a good chance to become president, unless his opponent has better luck than him.

Water is related to money and women to Donald Trump. He can easily win a campaign over any male opponent. However, when facing female issues in the past, he couldn't win it all.

Male Metal
Metal Rat 12/07/16-01/04/17

If Donald Trump becomes president, can he manage his administration well? From what we know from his birth chart and cycles, you should be able to know the answer. 2017 is Fire Chicken, 2018 is Earth Dog, 2019 is Earth Pig, and 2020 is Metal Rat. These four-year fortunes are same to his 10-Year Major Cycles from 1973 to 2012.

Compare Election Poll with Donald Trump's Monthly Chinese Astrology Predictions.

Donald Trump adjusts his campaign strategy and works on his reputation in the September. The momentum of Trump's campaign will be at its peak in October. The above chart is captured from the 2016 Election Forecast website. Another poll from USA Today, The Huffington Post or New York Times websites show a similar chart. Visiting those sites can see the current poll results.

Updated: Final US presidential debate was on 10/19/2016. Donald Trump wore his lucky red tie. Hillary Clinton was in all white, which is her lucky color. He wasn't strong enough to overwhelm Hillary Clinton during the debate. Rich Donald Trump didn't spend enough money on the mass media (TV ad). He cannot get supports from media organizations (Metal, air broadcast). The women (Water) issues pushed down his reputation and disturbed his campaign plan.

Final: Donald Trump won the US presidential race on November 8, 2017. October was the Male Earth Dog, which is same to his 10-Year Major Cycle from 1983 to 1992. He built his empire. His Day Master of the birth chart is the flat land. Male Earth Dog is related to mountains. The October's luck pushed him to the top. All polls of presidential election from major media were wrong. 2017 is the year of the Fire Chicken or the Red Bird. Donald Trump will enjoy his life with his children.

Update: 2017 is Female Fire Chicken Year. Donald Trump maintained the supports during the first half of 2017, because of Fire. Chicken becomes active during the second half of 2017. Chicken is Female Metal, which is the child element of Day Master. He enjoyed his life with his children. Chicken, Snake in the Hour column and Cow in the current Major Cycle have a very strong attraction relationship into Metal. Metal steals the energy of Day Master. He is losing his momentum and reputation. Female Fire and Chicken Metal are opposite elements. Many love him and many also don't like him. Many think he doesn't have any significant accomplishment after first 365 days. But the US stock market has hit an all-time high. US economy is in a good shape.

Update: The year of Chicken is leaving. Donald Trump is unleashing the bonding of the Metal. The year of Brown Dog will arrive on February 4, 2018. Dog is in the Earth group. 2018 is a very strong Earth year. He will re-accumulate the energy of the Earth. He is a businessman. US economy is expecting to grow. With tough determination, Donald Trump will rebuild his power and trust in 2018. Trump's administration will deliver an unexpected accomplishment report. Will Donald Trump be impeached? Not in 2018.

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