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The Find Lucky Element module determines people's Lucky Element by the Five Element scores. It might select improper Lucky Element, if the Five Elements in the birth chart are extremely out of balance. Also, the lucky element might be different from the one is selected by professional fortune tellers. Actually, it's quite possible that two professional fortune tellers gave you two different Lucky Element. There are many reasons there. One is the definition of Lucky Elements might differ from fortune-telling masters. Another common one is the birth chart is too complicate to determine the Lucky Element.

Therefore, Chinese Fortune Angel software would like to provide the second method to find the Lucky Element using the traditional Chinese astrology method. This module will take care most of special cases. You can use this tool as the second opinion. It's possible that the Lucky Element is different from Find Lucky Element module. However, both of methods might have same unlucky elements.

The Chinese Fortune Calendar Birth Chart is from the original Chinese Fortune-telling Calendar software CD. So this is a bonus component for Chinese Fortune Angel software.

Also, it's available in Chinese.

The Favorable/Useful Elements in the 10-Year Major Cycles Chart.

The cycle event messages will display the years with strong sign of good or bad lucks, when clicking the Five Element Circle Icon..

The Major Cycle and Yearly Cycle of 10-god messages will appear by clicking the Hand Icon.

The Daily Event Message will display by clicking on the Calendar Icon.

Clicking on the Question Mark Icon, you can change the strength of the Day Master.

When the strength of Day Master is changed, the Lucky Elements will be changed in the prediction messages.

There is a tool for you to verify the Lucky Element in the Fortune Angel Premium Version.

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