Earth   The Earth-Type Personality in Chinese Astrology

Earth Element in the Birth Chart

Most Earth-type people are trustful, steady, loyal and responsible. They are honest, religious, reliable, and keep their promises.

The characteristics of Earth are standing still, being slow and steady, and stationary. Therefore the Earth people don't like to move their body and change their mind too often. They are honest, trustworthy, and responsible. They also have good faith. They can sit in one position for a long time. They accept religion since they like rumination and meditation. They are slow to react. They like to collect things, and enjoy their collectables at home, but not outdoors.

People lacking Earth are selfish, insincere, and self-indulgent. They tend to ignore other people's opinions. They might take immediate advantage of others unethically. They don't care about the people around them and do not keep their promises.

People with excess Earth are stubborn, inflexible, cheap, lonely, plain and simple. They cannot keep their word either.

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