2015 Chinese Horoscope - Year of the Green Wooden Sheep (Part 2)

The major outline of 2015 fortune can foresee from the Lucky Element and Day Master of the Chinese Astrology birth chart in the page of 2015 Chinese Horoscope for Year of Green Wooden Sheep.

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However, there some other factors will impact our fortune in 2015 in the following.

   Fortunes - Five Elements and Animal Relationships   

2015 is the Female Wood Sheep WoodSheepFemale woodSheepYear.

Male Metal Male Metal and Female Wood Female Wood have a Stem Attraction Relationship into Metal. Therefore, if Metal is your lucky element and you have Male Metal Male Metal   in your birth chart, then 2015 will be your lucky and joyful year. If Male Metal Male Metal  is your Day Master (upper low of the Day Column in the birth chart) and you are a male, then it's possible that a love relationship, engagement or marriage is coming toward you.

Female MetalFemale Metal and Female Wood Female Woodhave a Fighting Relationship. Cow Cow and Sheep Sheep have a Fighting Relationship. Both of fighting relationships imply poor social relationships, which makes it hard for these people to find a close friend or love relationship. If you are in love now. then your love relationship could slow down. Having Cow Cow and Sheep Sheep fighting relationship, people are easy to get dispute with others and might often suffer the pain from love relationship.

Dog Dog and Sheep Sheep together have a Hurting Relationship. If the birth chart and astrological cycle have this relationship, people will easily get frustration and failure, because of arrogant personality. Also, they might mistakenly move into a wrong Feng Shui house.

Rat Rat and Sheep Sheep together have a Separation Relationship. This is a poor sign for love relationship. Also, people encountering this relationship should pay attention on their health. The disease might be caused by virus. People need to watch the health of lung and liver.

If both Snake Snake and Horse Horse are found in your birth chart or current 10-Year Major Cycle, then Horse, Snake and Sheep  Sheep form the strongest Fire combination. If your lucky element is Fire, then people will admire your luck in 2015. If Male Fire Male Fire or Female Fire Female Fire are also found in birth chart or 10-Year Major Cycle, then 2015 will become one of your best years in your life.

If both Pig Pig, and Rabbit Rabbit are found in your birth chart or current 10-Year Major Cycle, then Sheep, Pig and Rabbit form another powerful Wood combination. If your lucky element is Wood, then 2015 will bring you a big surprise and you will remember it for life. If Male Wood Male Wood is also found in birth chart or 10-Year Major Cycle, then people will see their great achievement in 2015. This also implies you will have very good people or love relationship.

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Yang Sheep Chinese Pictographic Character - Sheep

2015 - Year of SheepChinese character Wei Wei Sheep using in the astrology calendar means hazy sun or after noon (the sun on the western side of the sky), not sheep. The traditional Chinese character of the sheep is Yang Yang Sheep. There is no good explanation for why ancient Chinese selected Sheep as the nickname of Wei. Chinese astrology theory explains the life cycle using the cycle of tree. Wei is the cycle of fruit becoming tasty in the end of summer. Fruit will be ripe in the autumn. The invention of Chinese pictographic character is quite interesting.

The detail about sheep Chinese characters Sheep Chinese Characters is at Chinese Pictographic Characters - Sheep

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