Lucky Turtle Useful and Helpful Lucky Elements

The most difficult part of Chinese Astrology is to find the lucky elements. There are two lucky elements for everybody. The main one is called Useful Element. The secondary one is called Helpful Element.

From the Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar page, we can find our five-elements weights and our lucky element by the theory of Yin-Yang BALANCE. On that page says that the lucky element is the element with the least score. That lucky element is the Useful Element.  

The page of Five Element Basic Concept gives us the tips to find the Useful Element. The first thing to find the Useful Element is to check the combination of five-element is Too-Cold or Too-Hot.

Cold and Hot (Wet and Dry)

Too-Cold is too much weight of Metal and Water in five elements. A person with Too-Cold five elements will be difficult to find the True Love. With Too-Cold, a person cannot bring up the worm passion. Too much Water means too less Soil. Too much Water and too less Soil, people is hard to settle down which means the Love affairs are always moving. So the Useful lucky element is the Fire. Because the Wood can help Fire to burn, Wood becomes is the secondary lucky element which is the Helpful Element.

Too-Hot or Too-Dry is too much weight of Fire and Soil in five elements. Too much Fire and Soil means lack of Water. Without water, the plant won't grow. A woman with Too-Dry in her five elements, she has the difficulty to have a child (Pregnancy). So the lucky Useful element should be Water. And the Metal probably is the Helpful Element.

If no Too-Cold or Too-Hot issues, Then try following way to find the Useful element. The following 'You' is the Day-Stem of   the birth chart.

Foe and Friend

5 Element Relationship Foe are Money and Job have the enmity relationship with You and give You pressure all the time. Mom has the affinity relationship with You is your friend always. If the scores from Foe are much greater than the scores from You and Mom, You and Mom are the lucky elements. The Useful element is You and the Helpful element is Mom, if Money is stronger than Job. The Useful element is Mom and the Helpful element is You, if Job is stronger than Money.

If the scores from Foe are much lesser than the scores from You and Mom, then money and job are the lucky elements. The Useful element is Job and the Helpful element is Money, if Mom is weaker than You. The Useful element is Money and the Helpful element is You, if Mom is stronger than You.


If the score of Job is much greater than the score of You, then the Mom is the Useful element to release the pressure from Job and plus add You more strength. Your friend is the Helpful element to defense You.

Bottleneck or Smallest Score

5 Element Relationship  

The word 'ELEMENT' means 'movement' in Chinese. The element with smallest score is like the bottleneck of the circulation. We want five element move peacefully without stopping. So we pick the smallest score element as the Useful Element.

Sometime we find two elements with enmity relationship are equally powerful, then the element in between is the Useful element.

For man, the Useful Element represent his son and the Helpful Element represent his wife.

For woman, the Useful Element represents her child and the Helpful Element represents her husband.

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