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The date of 1999 Chinese Moon Festival is 9/23/99 in USA. However, the date of 1999 Moon Festival is 9/24/99 in China. Why  ?

The date of Chinese Moon Festival (a.k.a. Mid-autumn Festival) is on the 15th moon day of 8th Chinese lunar month (Chicken month). Since the new moon day is the first day of a Chinese Lunar Month. The first day of 8th lunar month is 9-10-99 in China, the Moon Festival is on 9-24-99. The first day of 8th lunar month is 9-9-99 in EST or PST, the Moon Festival is on 9-23-99 in USA.

Time Zone Longitude New Moon Date & Time The 15th moon day Full Moon Date & Time
China East 120 9-10-99 06:02 a.m. 9-24-99 9-25-99 18:52 p.m.
EST (USA) West 75 9-09-99 17:02 p.m. 9-23-99 9-25-99 05:52 a.m.
PST (USA) West 120 9-09-99 14:02 p.m. 9-23-99 9-25-99 02:52 a.m.

Many Chinese still think the Chinese Moon Festival is on the full moon day of mid-autumn. More than 50% chance, the moon full day is on the 16th moon day of a lunar month. It's unusual for USA time this year 1999  that the full moon day is on 17th moon day of  the 8th lunar month.

The Moon Festival is a holiday in China. It's an occasion for family reunion. Chinese families like to get together to eat the moon cakes and watch the moon at the Moon Festival night. For the people are out of town or for Chinese are from China stay in USA, they miss their family or the lover at home and share the same moon at the night of the Moon Festival before the Internet gets popular.

Most of Chinese in USA today still use the Chinese lunar calendar published from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. They are told that the Chinese moon festival is on 9-24-99 which is a date close to the full moon day and time. That's why we can hear some Chinese say that the moon in USA is much fuller than the moon in China. We should respect those people own a pair of good eyes.

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