Year of Dog - 2018 Chinese Horoscope for Chinese Zodiac Cow

For people born in Cow years: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

What Does the Cow Chinese Zodiac Mean in 2018

Cow If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Rat, not Cow. (Verify Your Sign)

Cow is in the Earth group. Cow contains mainly Female Earth. It also contains little Female Water and Female Metal. The month of Cow is January. The temperature is still cold. Therefore, Cow is the chilly cold ground. Dog is also in the Earth group. It's connected to the mountain or tall wall. The Dog contains mainly Male Earth, and little Female Fire and Female Metal. Therefore, Dog is the dry hot hill. Both Cow and Dog are in the Earth group. They have their own territory in the farm. They can get along well. They can build the friendship. But they won't become close friends or have love relationship.

Earth can make Water disappear. Water is overcome by Earth. Water represents Money to Earth, according to Five Elements theory. Cow contains Water and Dog contains no Water. Cow has savings. Water in Cow is cold and can become ice. That implies Cow won't spend money or invest money. Dog contains Fire. Fire can melt ice into Water. That means Dog can educate Cow to invest money.

Both Cow and Dog contains Female Metal, which is connected to fog. Fog flows around mountains of Dog and will turn to rain soon or later. Rain Water is money to Cow and Dog. Dog is the mountain. It can quickly absorb rain water. That implies Dog knows how to earn money quickly, if running a company. Cow has savings and it can invest money on Dog. Then Cow and Dog together can run a profit business.

2018 Chinese Zodiac Cow in Dog Year Prediction

CowDog 2018 is the Year of Brown Dog. You were born in the Year of Cow. The following is the Brown Dog year prediction for people born in year of Cow.

When Cow meets Dog, diligent and thrifty Cow will change the concept of the money management from Dog.

Career: Cow is in the Earth group. In Chinese astrology, Wood represents your career. There is no Wood inside the Dog. Therefore, your job and career shouldn't have too many changes. But if you feel you have heavy job pressures, then Dog will help you to relieve stress.

Cow is Female Earth, which is connected to farmland. Dog is Male Earth, which is connected to hill. Dog is at higher position. Dog has better vision to see the long distance target. Dog can provide you right direction for your future. Dog of Earth is related to your friends, colleagues, business partners, same generation relatives. Therefore, to establish the relationship with them can help your career development.

Job Change: If you have the opportunity to change your job position, you may consider accepting new challenge. Changing the working environment, changing the career target and changing the way of thinking could bring your career development to higher level.

You will feel full of energy during the period of Dog. As long as you show your enthusiasm and dedication for your work, you will find people around supporting you and your new job is very easy to handle.

Wealth: Water represents your money. Dog is in the Earth group. There is no Water inside the Dog. That implies Dog won't directly bring you money opportunity. But if you work with Dog, both of you will find out the idea to earn money from investment. As long as you can trust your judgment, you still can create your good fortune. If you are too conservative, then your money becomes frozen and your wealth cannot grow. In Short, you need to invest money first, and then receive bigger return.

Love: Dogs and Cow together cannot ignite love sparks. If you are single and searching for your love, you must have the patience. The sign of the opportunity is not strong. Also, you have competitors around looking for same target. Your love opportunity is hidden between friends and relatives. Therefore, more participation in social activities will increase your chances. If you are in love, you need to keep in touch with your lover often, do not let love relationship cool down.

Social Circle: Your social time will increase. You will meet your close friends, coworkers and siblings often. Basically, your people relationship is good, but there is room for improvement. You have to change the way of thinking people relationship and change you conservative attitude to proactive. You can take the initiative to participate in social activities and contact with the crowd. These changes can help to improve your career and money luck.

Quarrel: Cow has a very good temper. It shouldn't have any argument with Dog. You shouldn't have any quarrel with people during the period of Dog. If you have dispute, lawsuit or litigation with someone, then you should reconcile with the person as soon as possible. The worst case is you have some money loss.

Health: When Cow meets Dog, you will be busy at social activities with your friends, siblings or same generation relatives. Your social life and people relationship will keep you happy mood and good health.

Both Cow and Dog are in the Earth group. Anything related to Earth will impact your health. If Earth is too much for you, then you pay attention on your stomach and digestive system. If Water is too less for you, then you pay attention on your kidneys, bladder, and the urinary system.

General Fortune: Your social activities will increase. You must be cautious on financial investment. Don't let your capital tie up in risky investment.

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