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Year of Dog - 2018 Chinese Horoscope for Zodiac Pig

This Chinese Zodiac Prediction of 2018 is for people born in Pig years: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019. If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Dog, not Pig. If you have questions about your Chinese zodiac sign, please check the article on the Verify Your Sign page.

What Does the Pig Chinese Zodiac Mean in 2018

Pig is in the Water group. Pig is the flowing water in the winter. The Dog is Male Earth, which is a hill or mountain. The mountain will block the flowing path of Water. That's a sign of a stop or obstacle. Water can bypass the mountain by flowing from the valley. Or Water can go down the mountain, run out the other side, and become the waterfall. The Dog is unable to manipulate the Pig.

Pig is Male Water. Water is connected to wisdom, motivation, power, energy, destruction, and infringement. The Dog is Male Earth. Dog's personality is staid, honest, alert, brave, and responsible. The Dog is the mountain. The Dog has a better vision for a long distance. Water always flows downward. Pig and Dog have a different philosophy and core beliefs.

Water is afraid of Earth. Earth gives Water pressure. Earth represents the Pig's job. Water represents the Dog's money. The Dog can act like the boss. Pig is the employee who earns money for Dog. Pig and Dog can be a pair of good business partners.

The mountain can absorb water easily. But water can quickly flow down the bottom of the mountain. That implies Dog will spend money quickly and has difficulty to save money. On the contrary, Pig won't spend too much money since the job pressure. The Pig will save more money than Dog.

2018 Chinese Zodiac Pig in Dog Year Prediction

Chinese Zodiac Pig vs. the 2018 Year of Dog

2018 is the Year of the Brown Dog. You were born in the Year of the Pig. The following is the Brown Dog year prediction for people born in year of Pig.

When Pig meets Dog, Pig will encounter the blockage of Dog. The sign is a mountain blocking the river. The river needs to flow around the mountain to see the new world.

Career: Earth presents your career. The Dog is Male Earth, which is the mountain. That's a sign of a great career opportunity. The opportunity is as big as the mountain. That will be a very challenging one. You need to plan well for the future and then will have great achievements.

No pain no gain. You reap what you sow. The more time you spend, the better the return you have. The career opportunity will come with many obstacles. It's time to use your wisdom to apply for a career. After removing the obstacles, you will see a bright career future.

Job Change: If a company is offering you a new job, then you have to ask yourself ready or not. The challenge is great. If your professional experience, working enthusiasm, unlimited energy are there, then accept the opportunity. Otherwise, you consider staying in the current position. If you are lazy, then a fat pig is hard to climb the mountain.

Wealth: Fire represents money to you. The Dog is Earth and contains Female Fire and Female Metal. In Chinese astrology, Dog has a nickname, the Storage Room of the Fire. Pig meets Dog is just as Pig finds a treasure box or safety box. But Pig needs to know how to open the box, and then it can spend the money. The Dog brings Pig a small fortune, not a big one. Also, Pig likes savings. The Pig will put money back in the safety box.

Since Dog brings you good career luck, as long as you take out your work enthusiasm, your career income will increase. Summer is related to Fire. Your money luck will be better during the summer.

Love: It's hard for Pig and Dog to have a strong love relationship, according to Chinese zodiacs. But Pig is Male Water. The Dog is Male Earth and contains Female Fire and Female Metal. Male Fire of Pig and Female Metal inside Dog have attraction relationship into Wood. That means Pig can find a love relationship if try harder. If you are single and looking for love, then you can attend more social activities at night. If you are in love, you might face some issues to develop a closer love relationship. You need to solve the problems using your wisdom and sincere attitude to maintain the relationship. If you are married, you will often concern about caring for your spouse. Both of you should spend more time with the family and share family chores. You can focus on increasing extra income.

Social Circle: Your people's relationship is fair. The nature of the Dog is loyalty, trustworthiness, stability, and responsibility. To build a better social relationship, you need to bring your sincere attitude to greet people. The Male Water of Pig and the Female Fire of Dog have an attraction relationship. That means you can find a way to get along well with new friends. As long as you are active in the Dog's social circle, you should be able to build good people connections.

Quarrel: If you have a dispute, controversy, or litigation with someone, then you may lose the case. If the lawsuit involves the money, then you might fall into your rival's trap and face jail time. It's better to reconcile with your opponent as soon as possible. You should avoid head-to-head battle. You should choose the path to bypass the danger. It is best not to create a conflict at the beginning.

Health: The Dog is the mountain. Earth is strong. Anything related to Earth might impact your health. Therefore, you should be mindful of the problem from your stomach and digestive system. Don't have too much sugar on your diet. Pig is Male Water, also contains some Male Wood. If strong Earth hurts Wood, then pay attention to the hand, foot, liver, and nervous system. Suggest you do more outdoor exercises to challenge the mountain.

General Fortune: Both your career and wealth luck are excellent. When the opportunity appears, it won't disappear soon. You have time to calm down and plan before taking action. You need to be patient and smart to grasp the opportunity.

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2018 Chinese Horoscope Prediction by Birthday

2018 Zodiac Sign Prediction by Birth Year

Above 2018 Chinese Zodiac Prediction gives you limited information. Your Chinese Zodiac Sign is from the Birth Year of your Horoscope Birth Chart. Your zodiac sign of birth year is related to your early life, family tradition, culture, and your personality. It's connected to your appearance and the public relationship.

For more detail and accurate prediction, you need to read the relationship between DAY MASTER and Dog Zodiac Sign of 2018. The DAY MASTER of the birth chart represents you in Chinese Horoscopes.

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2018 Rise and Fall Chart

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