Year of Pig - 2019 Chinese Horoscope for Chinese Zodiac Chicken

For people born in Chicken years: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

What Does the Chicken Chinese Zodiac Mean in 2019

Chicken If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Monkey, not Chicken. (Verify Your Sign)

In the Chinese Five Element theory, Monkey is Male Metal and contains some Water. Male Metal is connected to ax, sword, knife or rock. Monkey Month is August of autumn. In China, a strong wind comes from the west in the autumn. Therefore, Metal is also connected to the west and the wind.

The Pig is the cold water in the winter. The Pig is connected to the river, running water, lake or ocean. It implies wisdom, initiative, energy, destructive, offensive and encroachment.

The Monkey contains Male Metal, Male Water and Male Earth. The Pig contains Yang Water and Yang Wood. Metal is the mother element of Water. The Monkey is connected to wind. The Pig is connected to water, river, rain or ocean. Strong wind and rain will cause raging water, surging sea, river flooding, hurricane, landslide or mudslide.

The Pig is Male Water. It also contains Male Wood, which is a tall tree, tall building, landmark, boss, leader or decision-maker. That implies Pig has generous, magnanimous, big-hearted, open-minded and rebellious personalities with Leadership traits. Water is the child element of Metal. Water represents Monkey's outlook, expressions, behaviors, and performances. The Monkey is active, aggressive, energetic, impatient, irritable, impulsive and naughty. It's difficult for Pig to cooperate with Monkey because of Monkey's reputation.

Metal can conquer the Wood of Pig. Wood represents Monkey's money. After taking care of Pig, Monkey will earn some rewards. But Monkey is not happy about it since Pig brings a rainstorm to Monkey.

2019 Chinese Zodiac Chicken in Pig Year Prediction

Chinese Zodiac Chicken vs. the 2019 Year of the Pig

ChickenPig 2019 is the Year of the Brown Pig. You were born in the Year of the Chicken. The following is the Brown Pig year prediction for people born in the year of the Chicken.

When Chicken meets Pig, mature fruits are becoming frostbitten fruits in the winter. Fruits will become rotten later.

Career: The Chicken is Female Metal. Fire can melt and conquer Metal. Fire brings you pressure. Fire is connected to your career. The Pig contains Water and Wood, without Fire. That means you are not focusing on career development. Your career won't have too much change.

When you encounter career troubles, you can ask your mentors or colleagues born in the year of Horse to help you. The Horse contains Female Fire and Female Earth. Earth of Horse and Wood of Pig have an attractive relationship with Earth. Earth is the mother element of Metal. Earth can release your pressures from Fire. The Fire of Horse and Water of Pig have an attractive relationship with Wood. Wood is the Money Star to you. The Horse is your guardian angel in the career.

Job Change: If a company offers you a new position, then you can consider passing this opportunity. Fire is connected to your career. The Pig contains Water and Wood, without Fire. That means your career opportunity hasn't come yet. To continue accumulating your skills and experiences at the current position is a better decision.

If you feel lots of passion for the new position and you are well prepared for it, then you accept the challenge. But it will take more time to win your reputation and recognition from others. Another option is to negotiate and postpone the starting time of the new position.

Wealth: The Chicken is Female Metal. The Pig is Male Water and also contains Male Wood, which is a tall tree. Metal can conquer Wood. The Wood of Pig stands for your money. Therefore, you have a good moneymaking opportunity in the cycle of Pig. The Water of the Pig makes a tree grow taller. Water represents your outlook, expressions, talents, and behaviors. If you want extra income, you need to intelligently express your idea and show your talents to people.

The Chicken is also connected to the gold, precious stones, beauty, joy or lake. The Pig is connected to water or the ocean. The Water of the lake cannot come back if flowing to the river. Gold is hard to find if falling into the ocean. Therefore, you need to carefully manage your investment.

Love: Chicken and Pig have a mother-and-child relationship. The Chicken cares a lot about Pig. But Pig takes it for granted and doesn't feel the caring of Chicken.

If you are a single female, then Fire represents your boyfriend or husband. The Pig contains Water and Wood, without Fire. You need more time to find your true love. You can try your love with younger boyfriends.

If you are a single male, then Wood represents your girlfriend or wife. You have a good chance to meet your girl. You should attend more social events. If you are sincerely and energetically looking for love, you will find your ideal lady.

If you are in love, then you should concern and learn your lover's current interests and hobbies. Also, you can inspire your lover with your positive attitude, joyful feelings and actions. If you are married, then you and your spouse need a more delightful, devoting and sweet marriage life. You can plan a romantic trip.

Social Circle: Your people's relationship is okay. But there is room to improve. You need to show more your thoughtful, cordial, and generous attitude to others. Patiently listening to people's opinions, respecting people's cultural background and experiencing people's feelings can help you to build solid social networking.

Quarrel: Chicken and Pig hardly argue. In case you have an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, then you should negotiate a reconciliation with the rival. This is because you will not find a good logical reason to win the case. This dispute will bring down your feelings, emotions, spirit, and energy. It will last for a while. That will cost big money expenses.

You can find people born in the year of the Horse as your mediator. Horse and Pig have double attraction relationships. The Horse can make a settlement between Chicken and Pig.

Health: The Metal of Chicken is the mother element of Water of Pig. Water becomes strong and cold, since the support of Metal. You'd better pay attention to your kidneys, bladder, and stones in the urinary system.

The Chicken is related to slow air current, fog or carbon dioxide. With Pig, the air becomes unhealthy and cold. To look for good quality air, you can often go to the park, lawn or forest to enjoy refresh air. Also, you can have more outdoor activities in the sunshine. Walking, hiking, jogging, cycling, sunbathing, gardening, bird-watching, and fruit-picking are great outdoor events.

General Fortune: Pig tramples on the harvested fruits. To take care of business needs to make a quick decision. Doubt, uncertainty, sluggishness, and slow response will cause money loss.

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