Year of Pig - 2019 Chinese Horoscope for Chinese Zodiac Horse

For people born in Horse years: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

What Does the Horse Chinese Zodiac Mean in 2019

Horse If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Snake, not Horse. (Verify Your Sign)

Horse is in the Fire group. It's Female Fire, which is connected to candle fire, light-bulb, stove fire, high temperature and magnetic field. Horse has proactive, passionate, talented and articulate personalities.

Pig is the Water group. Pig is connected to river, running water, lake or ocean. It implies wisdom, initiative, energy, offensive and encroachment. Pig doesn't like to change the daily routine. It doesn't care the quality of the surrounding environment and lifestyle.

In Chinese Astrology, Horse contains Female Fire and Female Earth. Pig contains Yang Water and Yang Wood. Water of Pig and Fire of Horse have attractive relationship related to Wood. Wood of Pig and Earth of Horse have attractive relationship related to Earth. They have double attractive relationships. They can get along very well. But that's also a sign of entanglement.

Fire is afraid of Water. Water gives Fire pressure. Water of Pig represents Horse's career. Water can extinguish and conquer Fire. Fire of Horse represents Pig's money. Pig provides a working place to Horse. Horse helps Pig earning money. They are good business partners.

Horse is the fastest animal for long distance travelling on the ground. Horse likes to pursue success, victory, power and reputation. Pig also contains Male Wood, which is tall tree, landmark, leader or decision maker. That implies Pig has generous, magnanimous and open-minded personalities with Leadership traits. Pig has the leadership skill and good vision for the future. Working with Pig, Horse has the pressure on its responsibility. Horse will work hard to seek for the greatest achievement.

2019 Chinese Zodiac Horse in Pig Year Prediction

Chinese Zodiac Horse vs. 2019 Year of Pig

HorsePig 2019 is the Year of Brown Pig. You were born in the Year of Horse. The following is the Brown Pig year prediction for people born in year of Horse.

Horse drinks water on the river. Horse can happily and industriously travel under the sun.

Career: Water gives Fire pressures. Water represents your career. Pig is related to river water. That implies that you have unlimited job opportunities. You will focus on your career development. Your job will be getting busy. You will have more responsibility on your job position.

Fire of Horse and Water of Pig together have attractive relationship into Wood. Wood is the mother element of Fire. Wood represents your mentor, benefactor, guardian angel or savior. Whenever you encounter troubles at work, someone caring you will guide you to find the solutions. Wood helps Fire to burn. The more job pressure comes, the more energy comes to support you.

Job Change: Your career opportunity is not bad. If someone offers you a new job, then you can consider to accept it. If you are well prepared and feel lots of passion on the new position, then you should pursue your career goal. If you cannot get over the people relationship in the current position, then you can consider skipping the opportunity.

Wealth: Horse is Female Fire. In Chinese Five Elements theory, Fire can melt and conquer Metal. Metal represents your money. Pig contains Water and Wood, without Metal. This doesn't mean you don't have any fortune in wealth at all. Horse has a good luck in career. You should have a stable job and have a good fixed income. Horse pursues the victory of prosperous life. As long as you want to diligently work for your goal, you will have decent income.

Love: Horse and Pig is a couple of good match. Horse and Pig have double attraction relationships. If you are single, this is good time to find your true love. If you are a lady, then Water of Pig represents your husband or boyfriend. If you are sincerely and energetically looking for love, you will find your ideal gentlemen.

If you are a gentleman, then Metal represents your wife or girlfriend. Pig contains Water and Wood, without Metal. If you are a single man, then you need more time to find your girl. You have better chances to meet girls from the job related networking.

If you are in love, then you and your lover must be a happy and affectionate couple. Both of you can consider the engagement or marriage. If you are married, then your marriage life should be happy, romantic and sweet. You will feel you fall in love again.

Social Circle: Your people relationship is pretty good because of the attraction relationships between Horse and Pig. You can build your solid social networking during this time. Horse likes to pursue fame, success, victory and power. But you need to respect each member in your group. Then people will accept your leadership and keep the friendship.

Quarrel: Pig and Horse have good people relationship. But you might receive a slander because of Pig. In case that you have argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, then you'd better make peace with the rival as soon as possible. The dispute will be tangled for a long time. That will hurt your energy, spirit and money expenses.

Health: Wood of Pig is the mother element of Horse's Fire. You will take care of your health well. With the protection of Pig, your health should be excellent.

Pig is connected to the water in the winter. Pig Water is cold. If your birth chart has too much water, then you should watch out for your kidneys, bladder, and the urinary system. If Pig Water is unfavorable to Fire, then you'd better pay attention to your heart, blood, and the cardiovascular system.

General Fortune: Pig brings you good people and love relationship. Diligently hardworking can ride on the crest of success. You will have a prosperous year.

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Pig Year Chinese Horoscope 2019
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For more detail and accurate prediction, you need to read the relationship between DAY MASTER and Pig Zodiac Sign of 2019. The DAY MASTER of the birth chart represents you in Chinese Horoscopes.

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