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Year of Rat - 2020 Chinese Horoscope for Zodiac Chicken

This Chinese Zodiac Prediction of 2020 is for people born in Chicken years: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017. If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Monkey, not Chicken. If you have questions about your Chinese zodiac sign, please check the article on the Verify Your Sign page.

What Does the Chicken Chinese Zodiac Mean in 2020

The Chicken is Yin Metal, which is jewelry, gold, and precious stones. Chicken Month is September, the middle month of the fall. Therefore, Chicken is connected to autumn or ripe fruits.

The Rat is agile, clever, tricky, active, thoughtful, sharp-sighted and staying alert. The Rat has many ideas with a keen vision and can solve problems quickly. The Rat is cold Yin Water in December. It is connected to rain, drizzle, placid water, lake or small brook. In the cold winter of Rat, Ripe fruits of Chicken could become frost damaged fruits in the winter. Fruits will lose value.

The Chicken is Yin Metal, which is also related to air, fog, carbon dioxide and lake. Chicken meets Rat is the sign of the foggy and rainy day. That implies the future is uncertain because of misty destination in the cold rainy weather. We have to wait for a sunny day.

The Chicken is Jewelry, diamond, gold and precious stones. The Rat is the placid water. Chicken meets Pig is dirty gemstone gold washed out from the water. It becomes a shining and eye-catching object and shows the best value. Another sign is a jewelry sinking into the lake.

Water is Metal's child element. Water is related to your expression, behavior, and talents. Therefore, Rat provides you a performance stage. Your performance will impact your reputation. Therefore, Rat is related to your reputation. Metal is the mother element of Water. The Chicken provides Rat protection, education, upbringing, and shelter. The Rat will keep you busy.

2020 Chinese Zodiac Chicken in Rat Year Prediction

Chinese Zodiac Chicken vs. the 2020 Year of Rat

2020 is the Year of the White Rat. You were born in the Year of the Chicken. The following is the White Rat year prediction for people born in year of Chicken.

When Chicken meets Rat, the sign is frostbitten fruits in the winter or clear and shiny gemstones after washing.

Career: The Chicken is Female Metal. Fire can melt Metal. Since Fire brings you pressure; Fire is connected to your career. The Rat contains Water without Fire. You probably are not pursuing the job position soon. That means your career won't have too much change in the cycle of Rat. But your good performance will help you to have a better income.

When you encounter obstacles in the office, you can ask friends born in the year of Cow to help you. Chicken and Cow have good attraction relationship into Metal. You will feel more comfortable when working with Cow people. Rat and Cow have another attraction relationship into Earth. Earth is the mother element of Metal. The Chicken will feel the protection provided by Cow. Also, Earth is the mother element of Metal. Earth can release your pressures from Fire. Therefore, Cow is your guardian angel in your career.

Job Change: The Rat can make Chicken prettier. You can show your best side to people. If a company offers you a new position, then you can consider seizing this opportunity. If you cannot make a decision, then you ask opinions from people born in Cow year.

If you don't have the confidence, then that means you are not ready. You need to polish yourself first. Then you should learn more experiences in the current position and wait for a better chance.

Wealth: Chicken is Yin Metal. Metal can chop Wood. Wood represents your money. Rat is Yin Water without Wood. That means you won't focus on financial investment. You probably don't have an unexpected windfall opportunity.

The Water of Rat is the mother element of Wood. Therefore, you still can create your wealth. That means you need to use your talent, imagination, and creativity to create income. Chicken is also connected to ripe fruits. You need to sell them quickly. In short, industrious and diligent people have pretty good money luck. Lazy people have limited money luck.

Chicken is also connected to the gold, precious stones, beauty or joy. Rat is placid water or lake. We want to wash precious stones and make them prettier. We don't want precious stones sinking into the lake. That means you need to in charge of money management. Don't let Rat take charge of your wealth.

Love: Chicken and Rat have mother and child relationship. If you are a lady, then Fire represents your husband or boyfriend. If you are a gentleman, then Wood represents your wife or girlfriend. There is no Fire and Wood inside the Rat. If you are single, then you need more time to find your true love.

If you are a single female, then you can try your love with younger boyfriends You have better chances to meet an ideal guy during the day time. If you are a single male, then you can attend more social activities at the park, lawn, garden or forest. The Rat is one of the romantic stars in Chinese horoscopes. You might fall in love at first sight when you meet the person.

If you are in love or married, your love relationship will be a little quiet. If you are in love, then you should patiently accompany your lover to maintain a caring, dedicated, passionate relationship. If you are married, then you need to often express your love and appreciation to your spouse. Then you will have a more delightful, devoting and sweet marriage life.

Social Circle: Your people's relationship is okay. You probably will spend more time with the younger generation, your team members or your subordinates. You can show your thoughtfulness and sincerity to them and maintain cordial relationships. You need to show more your thoughtful, cordial, and generous attitude to others. By patiently listening to their opinions and feeling their emotions, you can build solid social networking.

Quarrel: Chicken and Rat can get along and hardly argue. If you quarrel, dispute or have a lawsuit with someone, then you should make negotiation and Reconciliation with the rival. The outcome of this dispute is unpredictable. It will be time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly.

You can find people born in the year of the Cow as your mediator. Rat and Cow have an attractive relationship with Earth. Chicken and Cow have an attractive relationship with Metal. The Cow can make a good settlement with your opponent.

Health: The Metal of Chicken is the mother element of the Water of Rat. Metal makes Water stronger and colder. If your birth chart has too much water, then you had better pay attention to your kidneys, bladder, and stones in the urinary system.

Chicken is related to fog, unhealthy air or carbon dioxide. Rat is also related to the drizzle. Chicken and Rat might form gloomy weather. Therefore, we should have more outdoor activities during sunny days. Walking, hiking, jogging, cycling, camping, gardening, bird-watching, and fruit-picking are great outdoor events.

General Fortune: Washed gemstone becomes clean and shiny. It's a good time to sell yourself to the public.

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Above 2020 Chinese Zodiac Prediction gives you limited information. Your Chinese Zodiac Sign is from the Birth Year of your Horoscope Birth Chart. Your zodiac sign of birth year is related to your early life, family tradition, culture, and your personality. It's connected to your appearance and the public relationship.

For more detail and accurate prediction, you need to read the relationship between DAY MASTER and Rat Zodiac Sign of 2020. The DAY MASTER of the birth chart represents you in Chinese Horoscopes.

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