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Year of Cow - 2021 Chinese Horoscope for Zodiac Pig

This Chinese Zodiac Prediction of 2021 is for people born in Pig years: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019. If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Dog, not Pig. If you have questions about your Chinese zodiac sign, please check the article on the Verify Your Sign page.

2021 is the Chinese White Metal Cow Year. The first day of the 2021 Chinese Zodiac Year is on February 3, 2021. This date is the first day of Tiger Month in the Chinese astrological calendar. This date is not the Chinese New Year Day, which is on Friday, February 12, 2021, in the China timezone.

What Does the Pig Chinese Zodiac Mean in 2021

Pig is in the Water group. Pig is the flowing water in the winter. The Cow is Yin Earth, which is the farmland or flatland. Farmland needs water. That means Cow will block the flowing path of Pig Water.

Earth can absorb Water; Earth gives Water pressure. Earth represents the Pig's job. Water represents the Cow's money. The Cow can act like the boss. Pig is the employee who earns money for Cow. Pig and Cow can be a pair of good business partners.

Pig is Yang Water. Water is connected to wisdom, motivation, power, energy, destruction, and infringement. The Cow has steady, industrious, diligent, conservative, quiet, and inflexible personalities. Pig and Cow have a different philosophy and core beliefs. Pig needs to adjust its career plan in order to work with Cow.

2021 Chinese Zodiac Pig in Cow Year Prediction

Chinese Zodiac Pig vs. the 2021 Year of Cow

2021 is the Year of the White Cow. You were born in the Year of the Pig. The following is the White Cow year prediction for people born in year of Pig.

Pig meeting Cow is a sign of a river crossing the farmland. The river provides water for the farmland. You help someone's business.

Career: Pig is Yang Water. Earth presents your career. The Cow mainly contains Yin Earth. The activities related to your job will keep you busy.

Pig also contains some Yang Wood. Yin Earth is attracted to Yang Wood. Yang Wood will stay in the Earth's environment. That implies your job brings you more challenges. You need to plan for each project before taking the action. In short, you should have good luck in your career.

Job Change: If a company is offering you a new job, then you have to think twice before making the decision. The opportunity is great. But the responsibility and pressure are heavy. If you have a strong career passion for it and you like a challenging job, then you can accept the new position. Otherwise, you consider staying in the current position.

Wealth: Fire represents money to you. The Cow is Earth and contains Yin Water and Yin Metal. You probably don't focus on the money during the cycle of the Cow. But you have good career luck. Your job can bring you a fixed income. Your money luck will be better during the summer. If you want to do the investment, then you can ask for help from the people born in the year of the Horse. This is because the Horse is in the Fire group.

Love: Pig and Cow don't have a strong love relationship. But they still can get along. The Pig is Yang Water and contains some Yang Wood. If you are female, then Earth represents your boyfriend or husband. Cow contains Yin Earth. If you are single, then it's a good time to look for an ideal companion during the cycle of Cow.

If you are male, then Fire stands for your girlfriend or wife. Although there is no Fire inside the Cow, Yang Wood of Pig and Yin Earth of Cow attract to each other. That means people like to listen to your opinions. If you are eager for a love relationship, then you attend more social activities. If you are in love, then you still have a romantic and sweet relationship.

Social Circle: The Cow is a conservative, quiet, and inflexible animal. You need some patience to communicate with the Cow. Pig and Cow have the connections of the Water relationship. Rat, Pig, and Cow together can form a strong Water relationship. If you hang out with people born in the year of the Rat for social activities, then your people's relationship will be great. This will help your luck in career and wealth.

Quarrel: If you have a dispute, controversy, or litigation with someone, then you may lose the case. The dispute will last more than you expected. It's better to reconcile with your opponent as soon as possible. If you need a peacemaker, then you can look for the person born in the year of the Rat.

Health: The Cow is in the Earth group. Yang Wood of Pig and Yin Earth of Cow have a strong relationship with the Earth. The Earth is strong, which might impact your health. Therefore, you should be mindful of the problem from your stomach and digestive system. Strong Earth is unfavorable to the Water. Then you should also pay attention to your kidneys, bladder, and urinary system.

General Fortune: Your plan will slow down. You need to calm down and solve all your problems wisely. Then your luck will take off.

2021 Chinese Horoscope Prediction by Birthday

Above 2021 Chinese Zodiac Prediction gives you limited information. Your Chinese Zodiac Sign is from the Birth Year of your Horoscope Birth Chart. Your zodiac sign of birth year is related to your early life, family tradition, culture, and your external personality. It's connected to your appearance and the public relationship.

For more detail and accurate prediction, you need to read the relationship between Day Master and Cow Zodiac Sign of 2021. The Day Master of the birth chart represents you in Chinese Horoscopes.

It's required your birthday to know your Chinese astrology birth chart and your Day Master. Your Day Master is the upper element showing on the DAY column of the birth chart. You can find it on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign page. The following link is the 2021 Chinese Zodiac Prediction using the Day Master.

Our Daily Chinese Horoscope provides the prediction information of yearly, monthly, and daily cycles for the coming year. But it's required your birthday and birth time to have free reading. If you don't know your birth time, then ask your mother or find your birth certificate.

2021 Rise and Fall Chart

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