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The Disease and Medicine of the Five Element Chart

From Yin and Yang to Five Elements

The Birth Chart, shown on the Astrology Lucky Element window, gives us a clue to find the Lucky Element.

The basic Birth Chart is the animal sign chart, which has two rows and four columns (pillars). The symbols in the upper row are called Heavenly Stems. The lower row symbols are called Earthly Branches. The farthest right column is the calendar symbol for the Birth Year. The second column from the right is the birth Month, the third column from the right is the birth Day and the fourth column from the right is the birth Hour. The Stem in the Day column (the third column from the right) represents the person. If the Day Stem is Fire, then the person is a Fire-type person.

All the calendar symbols can be converted into Five Elements, which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth . We can assign the scores on them and make a Five Element Weights Chart. Because we feel Water is colder during the winter and Fire is hotter during the summer, we know the Five Elements have a different degree of force in different seasons. Therefore, we adjust the Five Element scores based on the Birth month.

After adjusting the scores, we can see the weights (scores) of the Five Elements are out of balance in most Birth Charts. The element(s) whose scores are too low or too high are the disease of the Birth Chart. For example, on the Birth Chart above, the person is a Fire snake and was born in the year of the Wooden Rat. This is a Fire-type person. Because the adjusted score of Fire is only 23 and Water is a much higher score of 174, the disease is too much Water. Since the Day Stem element in the Birth Chart is Fire, we can check the disease chart below for Fire and find the name of the disease is Putting-out Fire. The medicines are Wood and Earth, because Wood can release the force from Water and Earth can make Water disappear.

The following charts describe the name of the disease for each type of element. Each element has six different diseases. The name of the disease is determined by the unbalanced Five Element weight. The medicine for the disease is the Lucky Element. On the contrary, the Unlucky Element will confirm the illness of the Five Elements.

Metal DAY Stem is Metal

Disease Name Weight Lucky Element(s) Unlucky Element(s)
Strong Metal Too much Metal and Earth Wood, Fire, Water Earth, Metal
Weak Metal Too less Metal and Earth Earth, Metal Wood, Fire, Water
Buried Metal Too much Earth Wood Fire, Earth
Sunk Metal Too much Water Earth, Wood Metal, Water
Lack of Metal Too much Wood Earth, Metal Wood, Water
Melting Metal Too much Fire Water, Earth Wood, Fire

water DAY Stem is Water

Disease Name Weight Lucky Element(s) Unlucky Element(s)
Strong Water Too much Water and Metal Fire, Earth, Wood Metal, Water
Weak Water Too less Water and Metal Metal, Water Fire, Earth, Wood
Still Water Too much Metal Fire Earth, Metal
Losing Water Too much Wood Fire, Metal Water, Wood
Boiling Water Too much Fire Metal, Water Fire, Wood
Dirty Water Too much Earth Wood, Metal Fire, Earth

wood DAY Stem is Wood

Disease Name Weight Lucky Element(s) Unlucky Element(s)
Strong Wood Too much Wood and Water Earth, Metal, Fire Water, Wood
Weak Wood Too less Wood and Water Water, Wood Earth, Metal, Fire
Afloat Wood Too much Water Earth Metal, Water
Burning Wood Too much Fire Water, Earth Wood, Fire
Shattered Wood Too much Earth Water, Wood Earth, Fire
Broken Wood Too much Metal Fire, Water Earth, Metal

fire DAY Stem is Fire

Disease Name Weight Lucky Element(s) Unlucky Element(s)
Strong Fire Too much Fire and Wood Metal, Water, Earth Wood, Fire
Weak Fire Too less Fire and Wood Wood, Fire Metal, Water, Earth
Glowing Fire Too much Wood Metal Water, Wood
Dark Fire Too much Earth Metal, Wood Fire, Earth
Dying-out Fire Too much Metal Wood, Fire Metal, Earth
Putting-out Fire Too much Water Earth, Wood Metal, Water

Earth DAY Stem is Earth

Disease Name Weight Lucky Element(s) Unlucky Element(s)
Strong Earth Too much Earth and Fire Water, Wood, Metal Fire, Earth
Weak Earth Too less Earth and Fire Fire, Earth Water, Wood, Metal
Burned Earth Too much Fire Water Wood, Fire
Changing Earth Too much Metal Fire, Water Earth, Metal
Floating Earth Too much Water Fire, Earth Water, Metal
Collapsing Earth Too much Wood Metal, Fire Water, Wood

If the Five Elements in the Birth Chart are somewhat balanced, then the person has good health and it's not necessary to search for the disease and the Lucky Element. Since most people are interested in money and career, we usually only look for the element of Money and Job. If the element of Money or Job shows in the 10-year major cycle or annual cycle in the the Astrology Opportunity Charts window, then the person has the opportunity to capture more Money or a better Job. In general, the person still must be stronger than Money or Job to catch the most of opportunities.

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