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Chinese Horoscopes for Princess Charlotte - Royal Baby of Prince William

Chinese Astrology Birth Chart of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to her second child, a baby girl on May 22, 2015. The newborn is the fourth in line for the throne. That's behind her grandfather Charles, her father William, and her brother Prince George.

Princess Charlotte Birth Data

Name: Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
Birth Date: May 2, 2015
Birth Time: 08:34 A.M.
Birth Place: St Mary's Hospital, London, United Kingdom
Title: Princess of Cambridge
Father: Prince William
Mother: Kate Middleton
Brother: Prince George Alexander Louis

Above is the Princess Charlotte Chinese Astrology Birth Chart. Chinese Astrology is a theory of Five Elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. The right-most column is the Year Column, which contains information about early age. The Month Column contains information of growing up age and family. The Day Column, which contains information of middle age and marriage. The Hour Column, which contains information of late age and his children.

Above is the Five Element Scores calculated from the Chinese Astrology Birth Chart. There are too much Earth element in the birth chart. Water is the Lucky Element, which can moist the dry Earth. Metal is also a helpful element, which can release the energy accumulated in Earth. Fire is not a lucky element, because Fire can generate more Earth.

Birth Chart Reading

Princess Charlotte was born on the Male Earth Tiger Male Earth day in the Metal Dragon month of the Wooden Sheep Year. The upper row of the Day Column in the birth chart is called Day Master and represents the person. Therefore, Male Earth Male Earth represents the Princess Charlotte. Male Earth is related to Mountain. We can say princess is a Mountain Tiger. The Male Metal of the Month is related to Sky. The astrology month is related to the family. Therefore her family is connected to Sky Dragon. Male Fire of the Hour is related to the Sun. The sign of Hour is a Dragon under the Sun. Year of 2015 is Female Wood Sheep. Female Wood is related the grass. The sign of Year is Sheep on the green grass. All these imply the baby comes the royal family. She won't be an ordinary royal lady. She will be outstanding on her territory.

The Day Master Male Earth is dry Earth. Dragon and Sheep are in the Earth group. Both Tiger and Sheep also contain Earth and Fire. Fire makes Earth even dryer and stronger. Day Master Earth has lots of same type element Earth to support it. Therefore, Day Master is very strong in the birth chart. Princess should be a healthy girl.

Fire and Earth are found in every column of the birth chart. Earth show the highest score in the Five Element table. Water is the lowest score. She needs more Water to balance the Five Elements. Metal protects Water. Therefore, we can choose Water and Metal are the Lucky Elements for princess. Certainly, Earth and Fire become the unlucky elements.


Male Earth is related to dry soil, tall wall, soil on the mountain. That is the personality of conservation, stubborn, fearlessness of challenge and persistence in opinion. Day Master Earth is around other Earth in Dragon and Sheep. That is a sign of competition. Tiger has to accept the challenge from Dragons. Because Male Earth Male Earth is quite strong, Princess should have a strong personality. This makes Mountain Tiger becomes a leader and Princess Charlotte will become an icon in her group. Metal is related to the outlook, expression, performance and talent to princess. She will like to hold the party at home to enjoy the friendship. She doesn't take care too much about her appearance. She will enjoy the food while growing up and study how to cook for health sooner or later. Male Earth people with strong supporting Earth will study religious and spiritual material during the middle age.


Male Water represents Prince Charlotte's father. Princess Charlotte doesn't have too much Water in the birth chart. This doesn't imply her father will keep the distance with her. Her 10-year Major Cycles show the Water appears during her growing ages. We will see both of them appearing in public when she becomes a lady. Female Fire represents her mother. Female Fire is inside the Sheep. Mother will be close to her during the early ages. The first three 10-year Major Cycles are Fire cycles. Therefore, mother will be always around during first 30 years. Princess Charlotte has lot of Earth. She doesn't need too much protection, because Fire is not the Lucky Element.

According to 10-God Relationships, Female Wood of Year is the Proper Discipline. That implies her grandfather is from a noble family. Earth is related to her siblings or same generation friends. Princess Charlotte has lot of Earth in her birth chart. Her brother Prince George has the same situation. They will have younger sibling eventually.

Love and Marriage

Princess Charlotte's Day Master is Earth. Therefore, Wood represents her boyfriends or husband. One Wood appears in the Year Column. Sheep and Dragon contains Female Wood. Tiger contains Male Wood. That means Princess Charlotte will be around boys in her life. She has many choices. But she has competitions too, because of many Earth in her birth chart.

Mountain Tiger is not good at creating romantic atmosphere. Tiger trends to control the people's movement and decision. The love relationship is hard to maintain, if her lover has too much opinions.

Female Wood of Year Column is a sign of the potential husband. But Female Wood Female WoodFemale Woodand Male Metal Male MetalMale Metalof Month Column have attraction relationship into Metal. Day Master Male Earth Male Earth is related the mountain. Female Wood is related to grass or flower. Metal is related to the wind. That implies a boy (Female Wood) might leave her like the wind.

The 10-year Major Cycle from 2026 to 2035 (Age 11-20) is Male Water Horse Male WaterMale Water . She is in wealthy environment. Horse and Tiger have attraction relationship into Fire. So she will have good friendship under supervision.

The 10-year Major Cycle from 2036 to 2045 (Age 21-30) is Female Water Sheep Female WaterFemale Water . Day Master Male Earth Male Earth and Female Water have attraction relationship into Fire. She will in love during this period. But the relationship is mixing hot and cold. She won't have the confidence on her relationship. For marriage, she needs more sweet and tender talking. She needs to express her passion in love.

The 10-year Major Cycle from 2046 to 2055 (Age 31-40) is Male Wood Monkey Male WoodMale Wood . Male Wood is the tall tree, which enables to stand on the mountain. That means the sign of husband become significant. However, Monkey and Tiger have hurting relationship. She will experience the disagreement and pressure in the love relationship.

Life Rise-Fall Chart and Major Cycles

The foundation of Chinese Astrology is Yin and Yang, which is a theory of Balance. The following Rise and Fall Chart is generated by the balance weights of Five Elements in the birth chart affecting by 10-Year Major Cycles. The Chinese Astrology Major Cycles dominate people's major fortune in the entire life. If Five Elements have better balanced shape when Five Elements of Major Cycle and Birth Chart mixing together, then the red Bar Chart will be higher. If Five Elements become unbalanced shape, then the red Bar Chart will be lower.

Age 1 - 10 Female Metal
Female Metal
Female Metal Snake Female Metal is connected to jewelry, fog or fruit. Female Water and Male Fire of Hour have attraction relationship into Water. So rain water rinses the Day Master Dry Mountain and makes her prettier.
Age 11-20 Male Water
Male Water
Male Water Horse Male Water is connected to money or father. Horse is Fire. Fire is related to knowledge, education and protection. Male Earth is connected to wall and Fire is connected to light. The light on the wall implies the decoration and beauty during the night.
Age 21-30 Female Water
Female Water
Female Water Sheep Female Water and Male Earth have attraction relationship. It's good sign for love relationship. Water is connected to rain or money. But Mountain can absorb water very quickly, but cannot hold the water. She earns lots of money and will spend a lot.
Age 31-40 Male Wood
Male Wood
Male Wood Monkey Male Wood is connected to husband, career or pressure. It's good sign for the career. But Monkey and Tiger have hurting relationship, which is not favorable to love relationship.
Age 41-50 Female Wood
Female Wood
Female Wood Chicken Female Wood and Male Metal have attraction relationship. Chicken and Dragon have attraction relationship. All these relationships make Metal stronger. Her people relationship is pretty good. She enjoys her life in public. But strong Metal will hurt Wood.
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