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Find the Most Auspicious Engagement and Wedding Day

Our service will tell at least 10 most auspicious wedding days for you from any 12 continuous months. You can select one of the most auspicious days as your wedding day in the month you are planning to get married and one for your engagement day.

What we need from you are

Our approach is to find all the lucky wedding days for 12 months from the Chinese Farmer Calendar (Almanac) first, then we study your two birth charts (Chinese horoscopes) and to determine the best wedding days day for you and your spouse-to-be.

A report in Microsoft Word Document format will send to you. Click here to view the Sample Report Format.

It takes hours to prepare the auspicious wedding day report. This promotional service is offered to you at an affordable price US$65. Please email to mastertsai@yahoo.com with two person's birthdays and birth times after sending your payment.

 $65 Service for finding the most Auspicious Wedding Day for any 12 continuous months 

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