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Stop Virus, Trojan Horse, Web Search, Spyware, Toolbar to Startup

Many people have their computers installed Search Toolbar or Popup Blocker in order to to kill the advertisement popup. Actually, all the popup virus are still in the computer even after installing those software. If you can remove the popup virus from the computer, then you don't need those Search Toolbar or Popup Blocker to waste your computer memory and slow down your computer.

Today, many friendly Spyware, Web Search, Toolbars, Advertisement Popup and Popup Blocker can be removed simply using the Microsoft MSConfig.exe program, which must run from the Run Window. To click the Start Button, then select Run... item.

The Run Window will appear, then type msconfig into Open: textbox and click OK button. Select the Startup Tab, all the startup programs will appear.

All the programs allowing automatically run when the computer starts are checked in the System Configuration Utility window. Basically, you can unchecked all of the programs and your computer will still works.

We suggest that you just keep the Anti-virus program checked and unchecked all others. So you will have more memory for running applications and your computer can run faster.

Certainly, you can keep all the programs you need for you work. If you don't know the program is a spyware or not, then you can type the program name into Google Search Box to search the articles. You will find the answer most of cases.

Or you can visit the Spyware site such as. www.remove-spyware.co.uk/is-it-spyware.aspx to find the program name in the list or not.

After clicking the OK button, it will ask for rebooting the computer. After rebooting, a warning message of the chance of startup System Configuration window will display. You can check on not to display the message anymore.

Windows 2000 does not have the MSCONFIG program. You can use the Windows XP version of MSCONFIG. So find an XP machine, copy the file msconfig.exe from the c:\windows\system folder to the Windows 2000 c:\winnt\system32 folder. You also can google msconfig.exe and download it.


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