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Why do we need the smart dating? The Dating and Marriage need a well plan, since we want a successful one. We know it takes time to find the true love. While dealing our dating and marriage events, we don't want to have an unhappy ending to waste our time, hurt our heart, even go into the depression mood for a long time. Sometimes, we have the age pressure and don't have time for the next trial. Sometimes, we are uncertain about time, place and person for our marriage. So here we provide some Chinese Astrology for Dating and Marriage pages, which may help you be smarter to make the right decision for your life.

Who is the right person for you? It's hard to find the perfect person for us, since we are not perfect, either. When we have a choice, sometimes we need somebody's advice. The following are two Love and Compatibility Match methods from Chinese Astrology can give you the second opinions by using two persons' birthdays.

Chinese Fortune Sage Astrology Match - Traditional Chinese Fortune-Telling method

Master Feng Shui Match - Find the right person (Roommate) sharing the same bedroom with you

When is the right time for you? One way is you spend your time and wait for the result. The other way is you ask fortune tellers or psychics for tomorrow's result. A Chinese Astrology can help you to find when the opposite sex will be interesting on you. That means it can give you a hint when you may be in love.

Find Romantic Days for Dating

When am I in Love?

How can I plan my dating? We recommend you a couple of good information sites, which teach you how to say I LOVE YOU and even how to kiss. Learn the tips from the dating experts, then you should have a solid confidence for your next dating.

Where can I find the right person? You can obtain some hints from Chinese Astrology. Also you can try the following Match Maker site and start to plan for your dating today.

Software Chinese Fortune Angel helps you to find the Best Love Match for Dating.

Smart people use smart tool for their smart dating.

The following are three popular Fortune Angel Love Match reports.
Zodiac Match Find Your Most Compatible Birthdays - Best Love Matches
Astrology Match Love Matches with Multiple Persons
Love Match Love Match and Marriage Analysis

Extra! Chinese Feng Shui can give people advice to enhance their Romance luck. You shouldn't miss this one.

Find the Romantic Place of the House using Feng Shui

Find Your Friend's Personality from Crystal Lee

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