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Chinese Zodiac - When Will You Fall In Love?

Some people would like to know when I am in love after waiting for true love for many years. The answer is either you missed it or the cycle of love hasn't come yet. The following shows you how to check the love sign coming into your life from the Chinese Astrology Birth Chart.

This application is Chinese Five Element Astrology, not the Chinese animal sign matching theory. Firstly, you need to know what Zodiac signs are inside your Chinese Astrology Birth Chart from the Rise and Fall Chart. For example, the following birth chart shows the person was born on Wooden Tiger Day in the month of the White Snake, in the White Year..

The Symbol of Five Elements in the upper row of the DAY column is called Day Master or Day Stem. The Day Master in your birth chart represents you. For example, the Male Wood in the above birth chart is the Day Master. Next, you have to know which element represents your spouse.

The Element Relationship between Day Master and Spouse

When Day Master isMan's WifeWoman's Husband

If the person is male, then the Spouse Element is Earth. When the Element of the Spouse appears in the astrological yearly cycle or 10-Year Major Cycle, then the person has more opportunities to meet the opposite sexes. For example, 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat. The Rat is in the Water group. There is no Earth in 2020. This person needs to check any Earth in the 10-Year Major Cycles.

The lower row of the DAY column is called the Palace of the Spouse, the room under the Day Master. The above birth chart shows that Tiger is in the Palace of the Spouse. That means your spouse has something to do with the Tiger zodiac sign.

The Zodiac Relationship between the Palace of Spouse and Astrology Cycle

If the zodiac sign of the Palace of the Spouse and the zodiac sign of the Astrological Cycle have an attraction relationship, then that implies a chance of the love relationship happening during that period.

Spouse ZodiacLove Relationship Cycle

If the zodiac sign of the Palace of the Spouse is a Tiger, then years of Horse, Dog, or Pig could trigger the love relationship.

The Find Romantic Days for Dating application helps you to find a romantic and harmonious day for dating, but it doesn't include the romantic factors from the 10-Year Major Cycles.

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