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Bill Gates Chinese Astrology

Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation and Gates Foundation. He lives in Seattle, Washington. Bill Gates was born on 10/28/1955 11:00 a.m., daylight saving time.

Bill Gates Birth Chart of October 28, 1955


Yin Metal

Yang Water

Yang Fire

Yin Wood
PigDog DogSheep
Late LifeMarriage LifeAdulthoodChildhood

Bill Gates was born on Yang Water Day in the Fire Dog Month of the Wooden Sheep Year at Metal Pig Hour. Yang Water is the Day Master; Yang Water represents Bill Gates. Water can extinguish the Fire. Fire is connected to money and women to Bill Gates. Dog is in the Earth group and contains Fire. You should get married and build his wealth during the 10-Year Major Cycles of Fire. The Palace of the Spouse is the lower row of the Monthly Column. The Dog is in there. The 6th Major Cycle from 2012 to 2021 is Metal Dragon. Dragon and Dog have a fighting relationship, which is not a good sign of marriage. Bill Gates and Melinda announced on Twitter that they plan on divorcing after 27 of marriage on May 3, 2021.

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The Five-Element Balance Chart of Bill Gates

The Life Balance Chart shows Gates has his luck all the way to his retirement comparing with the year 1955 he was born. 1961 cycle shows either Gates was doing well in school or he comes from a nice family.

This is Gates' Opportunity Chart. His Lucky Elements are Metal (Helpers, Parents) and Water (Friends).
The helpers or friends will be there for him all the time. He lives in Seattle, Washington, which is at the northern west (Water and Metal) corner of America.

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