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To view the Astrology Life Balance Chart, select Astrology from the menu bar, then click the Life Balance Chart item from the drop down menu, or simply click the Yin Yang icon on the tool bar.

According to the Five Elements balance theory of Chinese Astrology, people will be luckier when the Five Elements of their birth chart are in a well-balanced state. The tallest bar in the Life Balance Charts represents the when the Five Elements are most balanced and the lowest bar in the chart represents when the Five Elements are the least balanced.

To display the Life Balance Chart, select the person's birthday, birth time and gender, then click on the Life Balance Chart button.

If the person's name already exists in the database, click the People icon to display the names listed in the database. Double-click on the person's name in the Name List popup window and the person's birthday, birth time and gender will automatically be filled into the Astrology Life Balance Charts Window.

After you input the birth information, click the Life Balance Chart button and the Astrology Life Balance Charts window will display the person's birth chart. The Four Pillars (Eight Characters) chart is in the right hand corner. The Major 10-year cycles chart is at the bottom. The Life Balance Chart is calculated and created by converting the symbols in both of charts into Five Element scores.

The farthest right column of the Four Pillars chart is the YEAR calendar symbol. The Astrology Life Balance Chart example below shows the person was born in the year of the Rat. The third column from the right is the DAY calendar symbol. So the person was born on the Cow day.
The numbers shown at the bottom of the Major 10-year cycles chart are ages and calendar years.

The Life Balance Bar Chart will appear after clicking the Life Balance Chart button from the Astrology Life Balance Charts window.

To display the information as a Line Chart, select the Line Chart radio button..

There is a check box in the  Astrology Life Balance Charts window that will display a Yearly Life Balance Bar Chart. To display the person's age instead of years in the Bar Chart and Line Chart, click the Age box from the Astrology Life Balance Charts window.

The Yearly Bar Chart can also be displayed as a Line Chart by clicking on the Line Chart radio button.

Find Lucky Years from the Life Balance Chart

According to the theory of Yin Yang and the Five Elements, people will have better luck if their Five Elements are in a well-balanced state. 90% of people's birth charts show the Five Elements are out of balance after examining the scores (weights) of the elements in the Birth Chart. If one element's weight is too high, there is no way to reduce it. But if one element's weight is very low, then the person must wait for that element from Yearly Cycles or Major 10-year Cycles to bring their Five Elements into balance. The element that has the least weight is usually called the Lucky Element. In the other words, when the Lucky Element shows on a person's Yearly Cycle or Major 10-year Cycle, the person will be luckier because the Five Elements are more well-balanced.

The Life Bar Chart or Line Chart displays a higher score when the Five Elements are most balanced. Therefore, the years with taller bars or higher lines are considered lucky years. By lucky years we mean some lucky event(s) may happen, such as marriage, engagement, promotion, baby birth, extra money earned or moving into a new house. However, the year with the highest score doesn't guarantee the person will win the lottery or earn extra money, but it definitely will be a peaceful year and he or she will have a good relationship with the people around them.

The years with shorter bars or lower lines are considered unlucky years. The unlucky years means some unlucky events may happen, such as a law suit, car accident, unemployment, separation, divorce, investment loss, traffic ticket, poor health or even fighting for food and money. So the years with the lowest score may bring the person down and give them unhappy memories.

Most people determine a good year by the money they earn and their career opportunities. However, money or career opportunities create pressure for some people. If the person cannot handle the pressure, then they might not catch the career or money opportunity. Therefore these opportunities might not occur when the year in the chart displays the tallest bar or the highest line. To find money and career opportunities use the Opportunity Chart by clicking on Astrology from the menu bar in the Chinese Fortune Angel's main menu, then click the Opportunity Chart item from the drop down menu.

To close the Life Balance Chart window, click the Close icon.

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