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Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology PC Software

The first version of the Fortune Angel Chinese Five Element Astrology Software was published in 2000. The software was coded by Microsoft Visual Basic for the PC desktop. It still runs under Windows 10 in 2021. It's a good tool for people interested in learning Chinese Four Pillars (Ba-Zi) astrology. It helps people to identify their Lucky Elements and forecast their coming fortune. It provides the prediction messages for 10-Year Major Cycles, yearly cycle, and daily cycle. That can help people to plan the future.

Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology Version 8

Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology software contains the professional 10-God Chinese astrology birth chart, 10-Year Major Cycles, Cycles of Love, Dating Tool, Years to Watch, Love Matches for all persons in the database, Daily Chinese astrology, Peeking any Year and any Day. It's a good tool for learning Chinese Astrology. More Career, Money, Fame, Marriage predictions in the Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology Software...

Basic Introduction of Angel Chinese Astrology

The Chinese Fortune Angel PC software is a Chinese Astrology application. This software designed a unique Rise and Fall Bar Chart from Five Elements of your Chinese astrology birth chart using the Chinese Yin Yang balance theory. People can get a whole picture of their life instantly. No traditional Chinese fortune tellers can give you such information so quickly without a computer.

The Chinese Fortune Angel concentrates on people's luck and love compatibilty match. It contains six major components.

The Chinese Fortune Angel PC software also provides a database to keep people's names and birthdays. This feature is handy when you want to do the Love Match.

Chinese Fortune Angel Main Screen

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