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The Matching Score is calculated by the relationships of Stems and Branches between the two birth charts. The most important matching factor is in the DAY column. The least important matching factor is in the YEAR Column. The matching scores for the YEAR Column is 1, for the MONTH Column is 3, for the DAY Column is 4 and for theHOUR Column is 2.

The logical scale of the Matching Score is from -20 to 20. The Matching Score hardly ever reaches below -15 or above 15. Roughly,

The Matching score is for a personality match only. In general, a higher score might not be a bad match and a lower score might not be a good match. If the result is not satisfactory, then check the following theory.

Balance two sets of Five Elements

This theory balances two sets of the Five Elements. According to the Basic Concept of Five Elements, people will have a better luck if their Five Elements are in good balance. So we can calculate the unbalanced coefficient of the Five Elements for each person first. Then we combine both person's Five Elements and recalculate the unbalanced coefficient. If the combined unbalanced coefficient is lower than both people's unbalanced coefficient, then that's a good match.

Case 1: The score of Person 1 is 124, Person 2 gets 108 and the combined score is 87, then this is a good match for both people. They can take care each other's shortcomings, especially for their personality and they also will give their partner career advice.

Case 2: If the score of Person 1 is 138, Person 2 gets 97 and the combined score is 120, then Person 2 will help person 1's career or living. But Person 2 cannot get any significant help from Person 1.

Case 3: If the score of Person 1 is 147, Person 2 gets 140 and the combined score is 200, then both of them will do their own business. They won't help each other in other's career.

Remember that a person shouldn’t rely on the spouse's help to run his or her business in married life. Therefore, all three cases can still make a good marriage.

The balance of the lucky elements will bring people a peaceful life. The balance of the luck elements prevents people from having bad luck. However, the unbalance of lucky elements does not prevent people from having accidental good luck (like winning a lottery) either.

Lucky Element Match

If your partner's birth chart has a high score of your lucky element, then he or she can make your life luckier. For example, if your lucky element is Wood and your partner's score for Wood is more than 75, then your partner will help and take care of you.

It’s hard to find a perfect match. However, if you have a lucky element or a supporting (the secondary) lucky element in the DAY Branch of your birth chart, then you will have better chance of finding a good match and having a happy marriage.

The Astrology Match just gives people a second opinion. Don't let a lower match score from astrology miss a happy marriage. As long as there is a good match sign in the Astrology Match, don't miss the chance.

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