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Chinese Horoscope of Tom Cruise Baby Girl Suri

According to the Star Magazine, the baby girl of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was born on 04/18/2006 around 3:00 a.m. daylight savings time at Los Angeles hospital. The following is the birth chart of Suri Cruise. The birth time is from http://www.starmagazine.com/news/61984

Chinese Astrology Birth Chart

Above is Suri's Chinese Astrology Birth Chart. The birth hour is around 2:00 a.m. Standard time. Cow, Dragon and Dog are Earth elements. There is no strong mother element (Wood) in the birth chart. Because it is next to Water, Fire is weak.

Above is the Five Element Scores of Suri. Suri's birth chart is a special case in Chinese astrology theory. The scoring method cannot apply on Suri's birth chart, because the scores of Metal and Earth are too high to balance. Elements of Mom and Self are in the same side. Elements of Earth, Metal and Water are the enemy. Wood and Fire (mom and self) are too weak to fight against Metal and Earth (enemy). If one cannot fight the enemy, then the one should join them. Therefore, Earth and Metal are the lucky elements.

Earth represents fame to Suri. Metal represents money. Strong Earth and Metal in the birth chart mean Suri will deal with fame and money a lot in her life.

Note: this chart is from Chinese Fortune Angel Astrology software.

The Life Balance Chart in this website cannot be applied on Suri's special birth chart. The Major Cycle Chart above shows that Suri's best years are from age 24 to 43.

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