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How to Run PC Windows Applications on a Apple Mac Computer

Fortune Angel Chinese astrology software and Chinese Farmer Calendar software are developed under PC/Windows environment. They are never been tested under Mac/Apple computers. But some Fortune Angel and Farmer Calendar users have been run the software on Mac computer for years. It's getting more people use Mac/Apple computers because the virus from Internet. If you don't know how to run PC Windows application on your Mac computer, then the following information will help you to find your own solution.

 300-Year Chinese Farmer's Calendar

Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology

Apple does provide Mac users to download and install Apple Boot Camp where Windows and Mac OS X coexist and the Mac machine becomes dual boot.

Apple Guide: Run Windows on Your Mac

The following link provide us alternative options.

Five Ways to Run Windows Software on a Mac

The following information might be out-of-date. Some software are not free anymore.

Parallels - Desktop for Mac

You can download the trial software from https://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/download/.

VMware - Fusion

You can download the trial software from https://www.vmware.com/products/fusion.html. You can use for Free with a Personal Use License.

Both of Parallels and Fusion software work fine for Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology and Chinese Farmer Calendar software.

More Information: Run Windows Applicationz on Apple Mac

Other options are Microsoft Virtual PC that creates a virtual machine, and other free Emulators.
The following links might help to find them.



 300-Year Chinese Farmer's Calendar

Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology

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