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South Park  Harry Potter  9/11/01  Jedi Battle  Xmen M:I2  Gladiator Super HeroesSave Pvt. Ryan007Matrix

Movies      Tom Cruise: M:I2 Star Wars IMatrix 7 Swords-17 Swords-2 7 Swords-3

                 Kung Fu Panda-1Kung Fu Panda-2 Kung Fu Panda-3

                 Forbidden Kingdom-1Forbidden Kingdom-2 Forbidden Kingdom-3

                 Three Kingdoms-1Three Kingdoms-2 Narnia: Prince Caspian-1 Narnia: Prince Caspian-2


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How to remove the Page Header and Footer?
   Click File in the Menu Bar, select Page Setup..., remove codes in Header and Footer.

How to restore the Page Header and Footer?
   From Page Setup..., type &w&bPage &p of  &P in Header, type &u&b&d in Footer and Save it.

How to Adjust the Calendar Printing Position?
   From Page Setup..., Increase or decrease the Top and Button Margins.

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