Year of Horse - Chinese Horoscope 2014 for Chinese Zodiac Sheep

For people born in Sheep years: 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003.

2015 Chinese Zodiac Sheep for Year of Goat

Chinese Zodiac Sheep If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Horse, not Sheep. (Verify Your Sign)

Sheep and Horse have many things in common. They are herbivore. They are animals that enjoy outdoor under the Sun. Sometimes farmers put Sheep inside the Horse's stable during the night as Horse's companion. In Chinese Horoscope theory, Sheep and Horse have attraction relationship because of Fire. Therefore, there is no problem for Sheep and Horse living together. This implies that Sheep people will have a nice year in 2014.

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2015 Chinese Horoscope Year of Green Sheep

Career: Sheep people should be busy in the Snake year. The reward of hardworking performance will arrive in the Horse year. The Sun Star lets you becoming popular in your working environment, Whenever you need help, a male coworker or boss will appear to provide you good recommendation. The Career Star opens the career opportunity to Sheep people. If you keep and improve your job performance, then a job promotion is possible. However, there is no guarantee your great expectation will be fulfilled, because an Emptiness Star is on the sky. While the career luck is growing, you still need to play in low-profile. Humble and modest behaviors are easier to earn people's long-term recognition.

Money: There is no strong Money Star appearing in 2014. The money luck for Sheep people is fair. In Five Elements theory, Water represents money to Sheep people. Horse contains no Water. Money is not a major event in 2014. However, the Sun Star and Moon Star are appearing in the same time in the Horse year. If you need financial help or planning, you should be able to find the right people to help you to manage your wealth. The long-term money investment shows better luck than the short-term investment.

Your major earning in 2014 will come from salary or other fixed income. To earn the extra income, it's easier to spend time on job related projects. Your reward is still need your energy, sweat and time. If you are too greedy and invest money on the risky business, then the investment might end up no profit.

Love: Sheep and Horse can get along well, because of the horoscope's attraction relationship. That is a good sign of love relationship. the Sun Star and Moon Star are a big plus to improve the people relationship. The female Sheep people have better luck in love relationship than a male. 2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Wood of 2014 represents the Husband or Boyfriend Star to a female. Therefore, if you are female and single, then 2014 is good year to find your ideal companion. Beside to attend more the social activities, you also can try the channel from parent's connection to increase the love opportunity.

If you are in love, then the Horse year brings you a good chance to develop a deeper love relationship with your lover. If you are married, then you will have a sweet marriage life in 2014.

Health: Sheep people shouldn't have any big issue in their health. But the slight illness might come often. Some Sheep people will be busy from their career. Some will have more travel schedules. If Sheep people can eat properly and have enough sleeping and rest, then they should be able to recover quickly for those minor illness.

Sheep is in the Earth group. Horse contains Fire and Earth. Fire is the Mother Element of Earth to make Earth stronger. That means Sheep people might have too much Earth in 2014. Too much Earth will cause the problem in digestion system. So Sheep people need to watch their diet to protect their intestines and stomach. Too much Earth might absorb too much Water. If Water is too less, then that's will impact the urinary system, which are bladder and kidney.

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