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Master Tsai Chinese Astrology: Five Pillars Ten Characters

The Most Accurate Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart with Extended Minute Pillar

For thousands of years, Chinese Astrology uses people's Birth Year, Month, Day, Hour to build the birth chart, which has Four Pillars, Eight Characters. The interval of Chinese astrological hours is two hours. It's kind of long. Ancient China didn't know their exact birth time, because they didn't have a good instrument to measure the time at home. Therefore, Chinese Astrology was developed into only Four Pillars. Today, we can find clock time everywhere. Most people have their birth time recorded in their birth certificates. If we have the correct birth time, then we should apply minute information into the birth chart. This application is able to calculate the Five Elements of Minute Pillar, analyze the balance of Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth) and then determine the Lucky Element in the birth chart.

Very often, Chinese Astrology uses the cycle of Wood (plant) to explain our cycle of life.

New Chinese astrology birth chart contains Five Pillars, which are Hour, Month, Day, Hour, and Minute columns. The Day Master (Upper Symbol of Day Column), which represents the person, becomes in the center of the birth chart. One Character (Symbol) contains 30 scores of Five Elements. The total score of Five Elements of Ten Characters is 300. After adjustment by the birth month of seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter), then the total score of Five Elements will be close to 360, which is the degree of a circle. This is the reason we use the Five Pillars, Ten Characters birth chart. We strongly believe that it can provide a better Life Rise and Fall Chart for you. Then you can follow Lucky Element Guide to find your life path in a smarter way. (Note: Chinese Iron-Abacus astrology uses minutes)

The Five Pillars, Ten Characters Birth Chart

You must know your exact Birth Time and Birth Place to use this New Five Pillars Chinese Astrology. If you don't your exact birth time, then use Traditional Chinese Astrology. it will give you a similar result.

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Chinese Astrology is from the Yin Yang theory. The Sun represents the Yang. Chinese Astrology birth chart calculated is from the Stem-Branch solar calendar, not the Chinese lunar calendar. The birth time for Chinese astrology should use the True Solar Time, the sundial time. To adjust our clock time to the true solar time are required to know the timezone, city longitude, and the Equation of Time. It's a complicated calculation.

We show people how to convert the clock time to local time using the hand-calculations for Singapore, Malaysia. and New Delhi for their correct birth times. We have 24 time zones around the world. One time zone is one hour long. The circle of the globe is 360 degrees. Therefore, a time zone is 15 degrees. One degree is four minutes.

The Chinese astrological Minute unit is 10 minutes, which is 2.5 longitude degrees. The clock time and the true solar time might have more than 10 minutes difference. Also, your mother or hospital might give you not EXACT birth time. That means you could get the wrong Minutes Column in the Five-Pillar Chinese Astrology Birth Chart. If the Five-Pillar Chinese Astrology gives you a different Lucky Element from the Four-Pillar Chinese Astrology, then you should follow the traditional four-pillar Chinese Astrology. Also, you can check your Lucky Element in the 10-God Chinese Astrology Birth Chart. If they give you different Lucky Elements, then ask Master Tsai at mastertsai@yahoo.com.

What's Five-Pillar Chinese Astrology for if we cannot get the correct birth time? This can use as an I-Ching Oracle tool. A fortuneteller can use the current moment when a person asks a question to build the Five-Pillar Chinese Astrology. Answering the questions by analyzing the birth chart. However, this kind of prediction applies only to coming events. The Minute Column determines the result of the coming events. If a person doesn't know his birthday, then we can use the same method to build the birth chart using people's asking time.

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By Master Allen Tsai on Steptember 9, 2023

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