Year of Sheep - 2015 Chinese Horoscope for Chinese Zodiac Dog

For people born in Dog years: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006.

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Both Dog and Sheep are farm animals. They can get along as friends or neighbors. But they don't have too much love relationship. Farmers use dog to guide and protect Sheep. Dog has little bit advantage over Sheep.

According to Chinese Five Elements Horoscopes, both of Dog and Sheep are in Earth group. Their relationship is related to same generation relatives or friends. Basically, they don't fight each other. Dog contains mainly Male Earth, which related to a hill or mountain. Sheep contains mainly Female Earth, which related to a farmland or plain. The Earth of a hill will gradually fall down into the plain. For the long run, Dog will look for the opportunity, face the challenge and Sheep will receive the benefit. The sign is a brother takes care his sister. Therefore, 2015 is the year for Dog people to help their friends, siblings or relatives.

2015 is a Wooden Dog year. Wood of 2015 represents career or pressure to Dog people. Therefore, Dog people will spend most of time in their jobs. Dog contains Earth, Fire and Metal. Sheep contains Earth, Wood and Fire. Both of them don't have Water inside. Therefore Dog and Sheep are considered as dry soil. The personality of Dog people will become little impatient and irritable. If Dog people cannot handle the short-temper, then Dog people won't have a good people relationship in 2015.

Career: 2015 is a Wooden Sheep year. Wood of 2015 represents the Career Star to Dog people. That means Year of Sheep brings the career opportunity to you. Sheep also contains some Wood. Wood becomes the strongest element in 2015. Therefore, the major event to you in 2015 is the career.

Wood of 2015 is the Female Wood, which is related to grass, vine, flowers, vegetables or shrub. Sheep is related to farmland. Vegetables and flowers will grow well in the farmland. Dog contains Male Earth, which is related to a hill. The hill is the place for tall tree, not grass, flowers or vegetables. That means the career opportunity coming in 2015 is good for Sheep, not you.

To grow flowers or vegetables need Water. It's easy to have Water in the farmland (sheep). If we want to grow them from the hill, we need to bring Water up to the hill (dog). That means you need to spend extra effort in the career development.

Job still brings you some pressures in 2015. Sheep contains Earth, which represents your friends or  coworkers. They can help you to become much smarter, determination and confidence. To build good people relationship is the major factor to pursuit better career luck in 2015.

Money: For Dog people, Water represents their money. 2105 is Wooden Sheep year. Sheep contains Earth, Wood and Fire. There is no Water inside 2015. That implies there is no special money opportunity coming toward Dog people in 2015.

Dog is related the a hill and Sheep is related to a plain. The hill is on the top of plain. When money opportunity comes, Dog will see it before Sheep. Dog has the advantage in the competition. For example, when rain is coming, rain water (money) will reach the hill first. But water will flow down into the plain. Then Sheep will own the water. Sheep will become the final winner in money competition.

Therefore, Dog people shouldn't do any new investment in the year of Sheep. They can focus on the career, not the wealth.

Both Dog and Sheep are the Earth group. They have a ability to compromise each other and to make things from complication to simplification. If you have a business partner, then you can discuss the rules of the game. You should deserve the reward for your business contribution.

Love: Dog and Sheep can compromise their living styles together. But it's hard for them to build the chemistry of love. There is no special love sign for Dog people in 2015. A minor Dispute Star appears in this year. That is a sign of quarrel. The love emotion will up an down. Sometimes the love relationship will trouble them.

Wood of 2015 is connected to Husband or Boyfriend Star to a female. Therefore, if you are a single female and single, then you have good chances to meet boys around this year. If you are a single male, then you can increase social activities during April, July and November and December.

Since there is no love attraction relationship in 2015, you shouldn't rush or push your relationship. Love needs time to build its foundation.

Health: Both Dog and Sheep contains mainly Earth. That is a sign of lacking exercises. Dog people will focus more on their career. They should remember to rest their body and recharge their energy after work. They should reserve time for their outdoor exercises each week. 2015 is an Earth Year. Dog people still need to check their digestive system, stomach, spleen and muscle. Also, Dog people should keep the good mood and avoid any argument with people.

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