2019 Chinese Baby Calendar for Chinese Baby Gender Prediction

Chinese Baby Gender Calendar Chart

The Chinese Baby Gender Predictor uses the Ching Dynasty Ching Dynasty's Baby Gender Calendar Chart to predict baby gender using woman age and the conception month. Many women consider using this Chinese baby calendar chart as a gender selection tool for their next child.

The Chinese Baby Gender Calendar Chart is a statistic chart. The data is collected by the loyal families in the Forbidden City of the Ching dynasty. It's a cress-reference chart between women ages and conception months. This chart is not from Chinese astrology or a scientific research.

The Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Calendar Chart was revealed by a Taiwanese newspaper in 1972. Later, the Baby Gender Prediction Chart is posted in Chinese Farmer's Almanac every year. It said that Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart has very high accurate rate according the survey in the hospital's delivery room. The detail information is at The Origin of Chinese Baby Gender Predictor page.

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Chinese Baby Gender Prediction

The Chinese used the Chinese Lunar Calendar until 1912, which was the first year of the Republic of China. That means the Ching Dynasty's baby gender chart is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The Chart shows the relationship between the age and the conception month. The age is the Chinese age for women. The Chinese treat a baby as a one year old when born. They then add to their age on each following Chinese New Year Day. If a baby was born on the Chinese New Year Eve, then the baby becomes two years old on the next day on the Chinese New Year Day.

Chinese lunar calendar is quite complicate. Our Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion tool can convert the Gregorian date to Chinese lunar month and lunar day. Also, our site has a Chinese age calculator to tell people their Chinese age on a certain date. When you know the Chinese age and lunar month, then you can use the Chinese Baby Gender Calendar Chart. This is a three-step process. It's not convenient at all. In 1999, we created a Chinese Bay Gender Predictor calculation tool to predict the baby gender by entering woman's birthday and the conception date.

Woman's Birth Year/Month/Day/Time Zone

Conception Birth Year/Month/Day/Time Zone

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Why We Need the Time Zone

The Chinese Lunar Calendar is slightly different each time zone. The first lunar day of the lunar month is the new moon date. The new moon time might fall on the different dates in different time zones. The following example, we can see the new moon time of China time zone is at 05:04 a.m. of February, 5 2019. 2/4/2019 16:03 This date is the first lunar day of the Tiger month, which is 2019 Chinese Lunar New Year. The new moon time of the US Pacific Standard Time zone (PST) is at 13:04 p.m. of February 4, 2019. Therefore, the first lunar day is on February 4, 2019, not February 5, 2019. (Verify moon phases 2019)

China Time Zone US PST Time Zone
The First Lunar DayNew MoonThe First Lunar DayNew Moon
January 6, 201909:29 a.m.January 5, 201917:29 p.m.
February 2, 201905:04 a.m.February 4, 201913:04 p.m.
March 7, 201900:04 a.m.March 6, 201908:04 a.m.

When the birthday or conception date is on the first day or last day of a lunar month, them you must enter the time zone to get the correct Chinese age and the Chinese lunar month.

Another reason we need time zone is because of the Intercalary Lunar Month. The conception month is supposed to the Chinese lunar month. Chinese lunar calendar is very complicate here. In order to match up the solar and lunar cycles, Chinese invented the leap month (Intercalary Month). For example, Year of 2020 Rat has leap 5th lunar months. That means there are two 5th lunar months in 2020. There is no leap month indicator in the Chinese baby gender chart. That tells us that sometimes to find the correct conception month is not that easy. We will discuss more about this issue in the Baby Gender Survey page.

How Accuracy of the Chinese Baby Gender Pregnancy Chart

Many Internet sites try to mystify the Chinese Gender Pregnancy Chart. There are different stories circulating on the Internet about the Chinese Gender Pregnancy Chart. Some rumors say the chart was found in a tomb of loyal family of Ching Dynasty and was estimated around 700 hundred years old. Other rumors say the chart was found in the underground storage room of the Forbidden City of the Ching Dynasty. The chart was deduced from the theory of Yin Yang, Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) and Pa Kua (Eight Trigrams). Rumors also say that the Baby Gender Prediction Chart had been studied by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Center. We cannot find any related information from the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Literature Research Center.

There is no scientific theory behind the Chinese Gender Calendar Chart. The chart is only a statistic data. The accuracy rate should be too high. We did the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Survey from all the women around the world for more than 10 years. The accuracy rate of the Chinese Gender Pregnancy Chart is around 70 percents after some astrological data adjustments. It's not accurate enough to baby gender selection. If you are serious about the gender of your next child, we suggest looking for scientific methods.