Year of Sheep - 2015 Chinese Horoscope for Chinese Zodiac Monkey

For people born in Monkey years: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004.

Chinese Zodiac Monkey If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Sheep, not Monkey. (Verify Your Sign)

2015 is the year of Sheep. Sheep is an animal in the farm. Monkey is a very active animal. Monkey likes freedom and can enter Sheep's territory whenever it wants. Sheep is a mild animal. Sheep won't bring too much trouble to Monkey. Therefore, Monkey people will have an easy year in 2015.

In Chinese Five Elements theory, Monkey contains mainly Male Metal. So Metal represents the Monkey people. 2015 is the Wooden Sheep year. Sheep contains Earth, Fire and Wood. Metal is afraid of Fire. Fire gives Metal pressures. So Fire is related to job and career. Metal can cut the Wood. Wood stands for money to Monkey people. Therefore, Money and Career opportunities are coming to Monkey people in 2015. Year of Sheep will be a very good year to Monkey people.

Earth of Sheep is the mother element to Metal of Monkey. Monkey will receive the protection and support from their parents, boss, mentors, teachers and supporters. Also, there is one Love Star appearing in 2015.  Therefore, people relationship and love relationship will be good too in 2015. There are a lonely sign and travel sign showing in this year. Some Monkey people might have to travel for work. They will have less time with their families.

Career: Monkey contains Male Metal, which is related to yak, hoe, hardware and wind. The Earth of Sheep is related to a farmland or plain. Therefore, Monkey can use its tool to freely and easily work at the farmland. Sheep also contains the Fire, which represents the career to Monkey. This implies Monkey have the job to do and Monkey can handle its job without pressure.

Earth of Sheep provides the stage for Monkey to show off its talent. That means Monkey people will be the favorite workers in the company. Many people want to help, educate and support you. Your career development will be like the wind without obstacle over the farmland or plain. Since your excellent performance, your boss will be proud of you as his team member. You boss will win the reputation too. That is win-win combination for your career luck in 2015.

Money: 2015 is a Female Wooden Sheep year. Monkey contains Male Metal, which is related to axe, shears, saw, hardware and wind. Female Wood of 2015 is related to shrub, grass, vine, leaves or flowers. And Wood stands for money to Monkey people. Monkey has axe and shears to easily trim the shrub or leaves. That means the money opportunity is there and Monkey can get it every quickly. Also, Sheep itself contains the Wood. There are endless money opportunities toward you. In short, the money luck of Monkey people is quite excellent in 2015.

In Chinese Five Elements theory, Male Metal (you) and Female Wood (money) have attraction relationship. Therefore, Male Metal won't hurt Female Wood. That means money comes toward you and you could own the authority in money management. But you won't take all money into your pocket to destroy the source of money. For example, if you own a business, then you will share profit with your customers or partners.

You will have busy time to work for money during the first half of year. The best money luck is in the autumn. Then the money luck will be slowing down, because Female Wood will lose energy in the winter.

Love: Sheep of 2015 is a Love Star to Monkey people. Therefore, you will have very good love relationship. Because Male Metal and Wood of 2015 have attraction relationship, an additional love sign comes toward you. Wood of 2015 also represents women to a man. Therefore, a man has better love relationship than a woman.

If you are a single male and looking for love, you shouldn't miss the opportunity in 2015. You just need to open your eyes to focus female friends around and the love relationship will come naturally. If you are a single female, you still have very good chance to meet a man. This is because Sheep contains Fire, which represents boyfriend or husband to a women. But you need to find him through your people connection. And you have good social relationship this year.

If you are in love, you can consider a deeper relationship, engagement or even the marriage. If you are married, then you should focus the love with your spouse. You can plan time to have a vacation with your spouse to refresh the love relationship.

Health: Monkey people should have very good mood in 2015. Monkey people might be busy in pursuit of  wealth. There is a Little Injury Star in the Health area. So Monkey people still need to watch their health. The regular exercises and enough sleeping should be executed in daily basis.

Monkey people have better paying attention on the safety of outdoor events. They should drive very carefully on the road and try to avoid dangerous sports.

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